2013 Nats Drag Racing Program

The 2013 Nationals Drag Racing Program has incorporated some changes that we hope will improve the racing experience at the Nats. In addition, the main classes will be awarding points to the winners at the Nats for the MoPower (MPE) racing series. Basic race rules; Vehicles must pass NHRA rules for the ET the vehicle runs. Helmets are required for cars running faster than 13.99. If you have any questions about NHRA rules or your vehicle, contact NHRA or NTR at 740/928-5706. All race type entries can compete in up to two (2) of the classes below. More than one class requires additional fee for the second class. Only one entry allowed per class. Once a car is entered into a selected class, it must remain in that class, unless it is one of the classes that require qualifying. If the vehicle fails to qualify in that class, it can be entered into one of the other bracket classes. Only one driver per car, unless two entries have been purchased under the same car. The following classes are available along with the tentative payouts. Payouts may be reduced based on the number of entries per class. The Quick 16 class will be divided into 8 door slammers and 8 open wheel cars (if the qualifying numbers are met) and run 1/8 mile. Each class will run off against one another until the finals. All classes are bracket style except the shootouts, which are heads up. There is an overlap on the Super-Pro and Pro classes based on if the vehicle is running electronics. No Throttle Stop or Delay boxes are allowed in Pro, Super-Pro allows all electronics. As in years past, we will continue the drag race activities with two main categories. Those that compete for money, and those that go for plaques. Vehicles entered in the Trophy class are limited to street tires (DOT approved) & mufflers.

Tentative Drag Race Categories


  • Super-Pro (0-11:99)
  • Pro (9:50 – 13:99)
  • Sportsman (11:50–up)
  • Quick 16 – 1/8 mile (8/8)
  • Mopar Muscle Young Guns (24 year olds and under)
  • Hemi Challenge (5.7L, 6.1L, 6.4L)
  • Irwin Race Engines “Stick Shift Class”
  • *Indy Cylinder Head Nostalgic Shoot-Out
  • Viper Shoot-Out ($150 Low ET, $100 Low ET on OEM Tires)
  • **Trophy Class - Regular ($65 entries only)
  • FAST Class

Payouts based on the number of entries as of 7-10-13. * Heads up start ** DOT tires and mufflers required.

Irwin Racing Engines “Stick Shift Class”; a tribute to Ronnie Sox. Rules are: Bracket class with .500 tree. Car must have a manual transmission, no electronics (shifting etc.,) and no Lencos, no delay boxes, no air shifters, no clutch pedal magnets, no hydraulic clutch fluid-lock system, aftermarket manual transmissions okay. Front wheel line locks and rev limiters are allowed. Time trials ran on Friday and Saturday morning. Eliminations will take place Saturday afternoon.

Hemi Challenge Rules:

Body: Must retain factory steel built Chrysler/Dodge/Plymouth. Fiberglass hoods and body ground effect kits are allowed. Interior must be stock. Dash must remain stock, aftermarket gauges and seats (Must be SFI approved) are allowed. Glass must be DOT approved. Engine/Trans: Must be Chrysler built 5.7L, 6.1 or 6.4L 8 cylinder. Must be RWD/AWD. Turbo, Supercharger and Nitrous are allowed. Fuel Injection or Carbs are allowed. Inspection: Cars must be street legal for the state in which they are registered and pass NHRA safety inspection.

Indy Cylinder Head Nostalgia Super Stock 2013 Rules


Dodge/Plymouth/Chrysler body and engines; Bolt on aftermarket parts open, i.e. blocks, heads, intakes (cast or aluminum) and other common speed equipment from era. Operational head lights, taillights, turn signals and horn. Stock appearing for body use. Stock appearing rear wheel wells, No SS/A style qtrs., Inner tubs allowed. No Electronics, Trans Brakes.

TIRES (FX CLASSES, A/NSS, B/NSS): Street type or drag slick tires permitted. Maximum rear tire designation of 10.5Wx33-inch permitted. The front tires are limited to 4.5-inch minimum tread width. The tread of the tires is not allowed to protrude outside the exterior bodyline at the top of the tire. TIRES (ALL OTHER NSS CLASSES): Street type or drag slick tires permitted. Maximum rear tire designation of 10.5Wx31-inch permitted. The front tires are limited to 4.5-inch minimum tread width. Tire tread may not extend outside fenders.

INTERIOR (NSS CLASSES): Must have full factory seating, upholstery, and carpeting. Aftermarket upholstered bucket seats permitted. Full dashboard mandatory. Aftermarket gauges permitted. Rear seat may be removed when roll bar/cage is installed. Area must be carpeted or upholstered equivalent to factory specifications (no bare paneling).

INTERIOR (FX CLASSES): Full removal of interior allowed.

BODY NSS CLASSES: Topless cars prohibited. Lightweight replacement parts permitted for fenders, hood, doors, deck lid, and bumpers. External modification of any body panel that will alter the stock bodyline is prohibited. The body must be finished & painted.

FX CLASSES: Topless cars prohibited. Lightweight replacement parts permitted for fenders, hood, doors, deck lid, and bumpers. External modification of any body panel that will alter the stock bodyline is prohibited. Hoods are optional. The body must be finished & painted.

HOOD/SCOOP (NSS CLASSES): Hood scoops limited to OEM equipment or period style. Hood/scoop may be no higher than 5 inches. Pro stock-style scoops prohibited. The entire induction system must be completely covered by hood or scoop, which must be part of the vehicle hood.

HOOD/SCOOP (FX CLASSES): Not required.

Class Designations and Index AA/FX 9.00
A/FX 9.25
B/FX 9.50
C/FX 9.75
A/NSS 10.00
B/NSS 10.50
C/NSS 11.00
D/NSS 11.50
E/NSS 12.00
F/NSS 12.50
G/NSS 13.00

Qualifying Info: Ladder Type, & Tree All Run, NHRA Sportsman Ladder, .500 Full Tree, Handicap Start. ELIGIBLE YEAR MODELS AND BODY STYLES: The following is a list of cars/engines, which are allowed to compete in the Nostalgia Super Stock class: •AMC/AMX: 1968-1970; 390
•Dodge/Plymouth Full Bodied: 1960-67; 383-440 wedge
•Dodge/Plymouth Full Bodied: 1964-67; Hemi
•Dart/Barracuda: 1967-69; 383-440
•Dart/Barracuda: 1968; 426 Hemi

Fast Class Rules

Check out their website www.fastraces.org

Trailer Parking: Trailer Parking allowed for those vehicles that have entered the Bracket/Shoot-Out Style Race classes. Vehicles racing in the Street bracket or the trophy class are not allowed on-grounds trailer parking. Leave the trailer at the Motel or in the general parking area. An additional $25 fee is required for trailer parking if in the Street or Trophy brackets. Note: There is also trailer parking at the Gate H lot in the North East Corner of the track. Open Race Car parking is clearly marked on MAP and must be adhered too.

Tech Inspection:

All cars that entered into the Drag Racing Program or plan to make a pass down the track must be TECH inspected. TECH is available on Thursday August 8th from 12 Noon to 5PM. Tech will be open Friday and Saturday from 9AM - 5PM. There will be no TECH inspection on Sunday. TECH is located at the finish line of the quarter mile on the East side of the track, right across from the on-site convenience store. Your confirmation package will contain a TECH CARD Ticket that has your name and class you have chosen to run. Please exchange this for your TECH Card at the Gate A Main Entrance when you enter the grounds for the first time. TECH Inspection will handle all the rest. If you fail TECH inspection, refunds will only be paid on remaining days left on ticket(s). All NHRA rules apply.

Camping: There is NO OVERNIGHT camping or staying on the race track grounds. There is a campground next to the track that you can stay at. Call for reservations: 740/928-0335.