It’s Memorial Day, and while it’s usually hot in southern Georgia on this weekend, this year the temperature was actually enjoyable. There was a slight breeze all weekend, and we were enjoying ourselves at an event that can only be described as a great time. Where were we you ask? It's Mopar Muscle’s All-Mopar Southern Nationals, and every year it’s held at South Georgia Motorsports Park in Cecil, Georgia, just north of Valdosta.

This was actually the tenth year this event has taken place, but during the last couple of years, it’s been dealt a bad hand. Between the rain, smoke from forest fires, and some unwarranted bad publicity, the event had been having a hard time gaining momentum. Since we really don’t like to see Mopar events go away, we decided to see if we could help out this year, so we got together with the track and figured out what needed to be done to make this the Southeast’s premier, must-go-to event. Well, if this year’s increase in cars, spectators, and vendors is any indication, the event is well on its way.

By the end of the first day, it was evident that the show would definitely be much better than it had been, and I want to personally thank everyone who attended, and wait until you see what we’re planning for next year.

Anyway, if you didn’t make it to this year’s event, you missed out on a great one. The vendors had reasonably priced parts for sale, the show cars were second to none, and the racing action that started on Friday night continued until Sunday afternoon. If you decided not to bring your car to race, someone else got your prize money. If you didn’t bring your car to the show portion, you missed out on some great door prizes. With some help from our friends, we were able to give away multiple gift certificates from Summit Racing, Coker Tire, Optima batteries, and AMSOIL gave away enough oil for several oil changes.

Finally, we realize that some of you guys aren’t really into car shows where your car gets judged, so this year we set it up so that Saturday was a casual, participant’s-choice day, and then on Sunday, the Brat Pack Mopar Club from Tampa, Florida, handled the judging. Heck, if you were wondering what the kids would have to do all weekend, we even had a play area set up next to a shaded area for mom—sorry you missed it.

Don’t beat yourself up too bad for not making it, though. Next year promises to be even better, so don’t miss it!