Car: 1969 GTX
Owner: Edwin Thompson
What it did: 375hp@5750 rpm, 517 lb/ft@3500 rpm
How he did it: It’s got a Hemi. Other than that, he ain’t sayin’.

Car: 1964 Plymouth Hemi-powered Station Wagon
Owner: Doug Miller
What it did: 333hp@5500 rpm, 384 lb/ft@3500 rpm
How he did it: With an air filter so plugged it stalled the engine on the way back to Canada!

Car: 1965 Belvedere
Owner: Donald Gallimore
What it did: 349hp@5,000 rpm, 431 lb/ft@3250 rpm
How he did it: 446-inch big-block filled with 9.5:1 pistons, MP .484 lift/284-degree hydraulic cam, pocket ported heads, electronic ignition, 17/8 Doug’s Headers and 3-inch tti exhaust.
Plans for next year: “Open headers and a 2x4 Cross Ram.” We can’t wait!