Car: 1972 Road Runner
Owner: George Cobb
What it did: 435hp@5,500 rpm, 476 lb/ft@3500 rpm
How he did it: Big-block 440, stock 452 heads, a big Isky cam (.547 lift, 257-degree duration), a BDS 6:71 blower with twin 4 bbl, MSD ignition and a full 3-inch tti exhaust.
What else: George’s Bird was the biggest dog in the pound!

Car: 1973 340 Challenger Rallye
Owner: Kasimere McManus
What it did: 294hp@6250 rpm, 322 lb/ft@3250 rpm
How he did it: 340 +.030 engine filled with 11.0:1 pistons, Ultradine mechanical .582-lift/282-degree cam, mildly ported heads, 850 cfm Holley carb on a Victor 340 single-plane intake, MSD ignition and 2-inch Dynomax exhaust. What else: Kas only had 50 miles on the motor, so he figured strapping it to the dyno would be a good way to break it in!

Car: 1986 Plymouth Horizon
Owner: Michael Marra
What it did: 226hp@5500 rpm, 346 lb/ft@3250 rpm
How he did it: Forward Motion cam, home ported and polished head with +1mm oversize valves, brother-modified intake manifold, 52mm throttle body Super 70 turbo, and brother-bent custom header.
What he plans for next year: a bigger intercooler and a cam change. What else: You owe your brother big for the header and intake job! Those are stout numbers with that four-holer.