Car: 1989 Dodge Daytona Shelby
Owner: Butch Nordstrom
What it did: 214hp@4500 rpm, 274 lb/ft@3250 rpm
How he did it: Stock ’89 2.2 roller cam, ported head, ported 2.5L intake, 2-inch exhaust, stock ignition, and 17 pounds of boost from the turbo.
Our comments: Look at the numbers: over 200 ponies at the tires with only 4 cylinders, through a trans axle that just screams “parasitic loss.” Butch will be back next year with “More fuel and more boost.”

Car: 1991 Shelby Daytona
Owner: Mike Lupis
What it did: 305hp, 371 lb/ft (no rpm given)
How he did it: .030-over Wiseco 8.25:1 pistons, Super 60 injectors, race head, Comp cam, 3-inch exhaust, T-4 Turbonetics turbo running 25 pounds of boost, and “a host of junkyard parts.”
Next Year: MSD Stage 2 ignition
What else: 305hp, 4 cylinders. V8s weren’t making that!

Car: 1997 Dodge Avenger
Owner: Nick Solovey
What it did: 141hp@5500 rpm, 145 lb/ft@4500 rpm
How he did it: It’s stock, except for an Ice Man intake system.