Just after 1 p.m., we cleared Indianapolis and the weather took a turn for the better. Upon arrival in Knightstown, we had anticipated that we might meet up with the Kansas City caravan. No luck. They had departed only 20 minutes prior.

After having lunch, which was provided by The Paddock, our hosts handed out door prizes-nearly everyone in attendance had the opportunity to take home parts and collectibles for their project.

At 2:45, the caravan rounded 'em up and we proceeded east on I-70 making great time to Columbus (if great time includes a five mile construction backup). While the caravan got split up to some degree, we still made it to Columbus and Brice Road before dark and had a chance to take part in the Brice Road antics.

Up & ComingKarl Brown Lived And Learned The Woes Of Long Distance TravelingThe metallic sound-a whirling ca-ching-emanated from under the hood of Karl Brown's 'Cuda as it came to a stop in the parking lot at The Paddock. "It started a few miles back-I'm kinda worried," said Karl.

Sure enough, a looksie under the hood displayed what we all had not hoped for. The outer ring on the harmonic balancer had become separated from the hub and now the balancer spun freely, whacking at the pulleys every once in a while with a distinct ping.

Certainly our youngest members of the Minnesota leg of the Return to Brice Road caravan hadn't planned on this course of events-who could? When was the last time a harmonic balancer failed on you?

But that wasn't all-the previous night the trio had discovered that you have to be 21 to sign for a hotel room-fortunately Tery Plester was nearby and signed for the room for our teenage Minnesotans-but what would happen when they got to the 'Nats?

Fortunately, the magazine had a spare room and we were able to set the boys up with accommodations. But only after spending a good hour-or-so trying to find Gary Miller and his trailer which had their car on it.

Karl seemed to have no trouble at the 'Nats locating a balancer and on Saturday we spied them preparing to cruise Brice Road and drive out to National Trail Raceway.

We're sure their trip was as memorable as the impact they had on us-three young guys who took to the road to join the Mopar faithful. I just wonder what they told their mothers.