We arrived in Columbus during the five o'clock rush hour on I-70, all of which seemed headed for the Brice Road turnoff. For the first time, our caravan was severely broken up. In five minutes, however, we were back together at our rendezvous point in the parking lot on Brice Road, mission accomplished.

Boy RacerKyle Oberlee and his '89 Dodge Shelby DaytonaHow familiar is this story? Boy buys car. Boy races car. Boy has fun with car. Car becomes collectible and goes up in value. Boy won't sell car because he likes it too much.

For Kyle Oberlee, this story is in progress. He's owned his '89 Daytona Shelby since 1995. Like other car people, he bought his Dodge for fun driving, including drag racing. He knows he owns a rare, high-performance specialty Dodge with the Carroll Shelby name and logo. At the present time, he doesn't know exactly how rare it is. "I've heard anywhere from 900 to 1,600," says Kyle.

For right now, rarity and future value and all that collector stuff isn't what is important for Kyle. What he likes most is getting his Daytona out on the dragstrip, where it will surprise many big blocks. Would you believe this baby runs low 13-second e.t.s in the quarter mile at 106 miles per hour? Yet, with the 5-speed tranny, it is still a great cruiser on the highway, no sweat about digger gears, plus the '89 isn't too shabby on fuel economy either.

You might say Kyle, who is 20-years-old and going to tech school, represents many of the latest generation Mopar people. He likes these front wheel drive Shelbys and anything Mopar. "I'm a Mopar fan," says Kyle, which includes just about any model year with performance.

"I'd like to have other Mopars. I've owned others ones, but right now this is the fun one to have."