Father & SonMarty and Justin Bondurant's '70 Dodge Challenger R/TWhen Justin Bondurant was 12 years old, he wrote Mopar Muscle a letter that was published in the February/March '95 issue of the magazine in Performance Clinic. Under the heading "We Are Curious Yellow," Justin asked, "My dad and I are going to build a Challenger R/T as a restified play car. It will have a stock 383 block with a four-speed transmission. First, we would like to know what cam, carb, intake combination would be good as a strong running semi-daily driver?"

Dick Landy would go on to make his suggestions as well as sort out the color codes for the various Chrysler Corporation hues of yellow. However, the real kudos behind this query need to be directed toward Justin's father, Marty. Marty has always been a Mopar nut and says, "I guess I bred that into Justin." Earlier this year, Marty wrote a follow up letter to us here at the magazine noting "look at what we have accomplished, it's not partially done and still out in the barn."

Marty says, "It's not a numbers-matching anything, we just built it to what we wanted-Curious Yellow, R/T styled. We spent a fortune, but it's the best money I ever spent. As a result of the four-plus years of doing everything but the engine (Hughes Engines) and the vinyl top, Justin and I are the best of friends and I wouldn't change a thing."

As for taking part in the cruise, Marty says, "We made plans to go on the Return To Brice Road when we first heard about it. We met the caravan as it headed east when it arrived at Effingham."

Be certain, this is both father and son's car, but now Justin has a '77 Dodge Charger Magnum that he purchased last year at the Nationals. "It's a project but not nearly as rough as the Challenger was when we got it in 1993," says Marty.

So what does it take to raise a child-a project car? No, just a lot of passion for both the project that you share and for the child for which you care.