As the sun got lower in the west, we met up with the Memphis crew for the last leg into Columbus. Now almost 40 cars strong, we hit the city limits running like a freight train, watching for potential "welcome committee" officers who might not be so pleased about our rate of travel. As it was, nobody got tagged, and within the hour, we were on Brice Road for the big get together in the sunset.

All in all, the "Return to Brice Road" was a blast. It had been some time since my own days of "outlawing" on Philadelphia's Front Street, and cruising Brice during the weekend brought back a lot of old memories and made new ones. -Geoff Stunkard

Of course there was a New Jersey leg. There were 18 cars in it, for heaven's sake! We evenhave a picture of them all in front of the Summit truck on our second day. The participants had set up an impromptu photo session amid cries of, "Hey, the photographer wants to get a picture set up over here. Put your car in the line!"

The photographer was Dustin The Intern, who had been happily snapping pictures for three days, since it took us that long to make our way up the coast from Florida to New Jersey, and then he took more when we met our caravan at Just Suspension in Fairfield. And when we got started, we had a blast dropping our Holley Dodge Durango to the back of the caravan, then blowing past the others and taking pictures of the cars and drivers with the gorgeous Interstate 80 scenery as a backdrop. But alas, without going into great detail, Dustin the Intern experienced camera problems. And Debbie The Managing Editor was having too good a time socializing and trying to figure out just where the heck we were to learn about the cars that were driven. Rookies! We'll have to send them again next year to see if they're capable of learning from their mistakes.

Hearing horror stories of massive construction delays on our regular route, Lou, a local who joined us at Summit, knew a great route on the back roads. He led the caravan into Columbus, then we never saw him again, even as we waited for the other caravans to show up on Brice Road. And we desperately wanted to get a snapshot of his Mopar-logo'd tennis shoes.

Despite having rookie leaders, the caravan went off without a hitch, and we had great fun with all the participants and hope they had as much fun as we did. We had several families with kids ranging from four to fifteen, a group from Sweden and Norway, and three unidentified stragglers that joined up on the backroads. Never saw them again, either. We made great friends that we hope to see again next year, and we wish there was enough room to tell all the stories. We have to embarrass the teenage girls in the caravan who had a crush on Dustin The Intern, though. We won't mention any names, but you know who you are. -Debbie Fanatia

The shortest trip of Mopar Muscle's Return to Brice Road caravans doesn't necessarily mean that the fun and excitement is equally abbreviated. Besides, there's a bit of honor in parading from the birthplace of our favorite musclecars to the biggest event in the country celebrating the same.

This year the Detroit City brigade was fortunate to have the newly-opened Walter P. Chrysler Museum serve as the departure point for the Michigan leg of the caravans. Although administrative miscommunications threw our schedule off by a couple of hours, the attending crew took the advantage to hold an impromptu car show right in the museum parking lot. Given the 30-plus vehicles present, this little get together gave everyone time to get acquainted and mentally prepared for the dash to Columbus.