If you haven't been to the museum yet, you really should check it out. The numerous cars (vintage through late-models) and informational displays are not only interesting in themselves, but they trace the history of the corporation from its early days, through the madness of the 1960s and '70s, up to the present. Vintage film clips available at audio-visual stations throughout the museum help bring Chrysler's noble past to life. All Mopar fans worth their Pentastar should aim their sights on this facility, located within the DaimlerChrysler World Headquarters, any time they're in the Detroit area.

Our trip south to Columbus proved fairly uneventful, which for a comfortable caravan cruise is exactly the way we like it. Easy-going traffic, a casual lunch break (wherein we swamped a one-register McDonald's), and a half-mile long line of vintage and late-model Mopars rolling confidently down the highway was the stuff this cruise was made of. -Rob Reaser