"Figure out the combination you want first," says Mayes. "Plan on spending some time getting the nitrous system dialed-in. We've all come through that part of it. Then just come on out here and work your combination. There are always places to find more horsepower. Race here and elsewhere as much as possible."

For Super Street, the commitment will require a scienced-out system capable of pushing that big A-, E-, or B-Body into the 8-second zone. Parts attrition is a given; at Bristol, Tony Marculewicz had a nitrous starvation problem that trashed a fresh engine in his Duster. Still, he was philosophical about it.

"These things are all part of it," he said as the team loaded up the wounded beast. "We'll go home, Scott (Koffel) and I will figure out what happened, and we'll be back."

What the new year will bring to KOS is uncertain, though entertainment is a given. Obviously, the fans like the musclecars, and May's credible effort in the new car makes one hope the older-bodied machines aren't retired in favor of more competitive late-model vehicles. Regardless, the KOS class offers Mopar fans a look at what they might end up with if they had the desire and resources to build the baddest Mopar street car possible.

KOS Win Box
Overall 2001 Champ
Super Street: Bill May
E-Z Street: Andy Mayes

Rockingham SS
Win: Bill May
RU: Chris Fairchild

Englishtown SS
Win: Leon Hudson
RU: Bill May

Bristol SS
Win: Bill May
RU: Mike Robbins

St. Louis SS
Win: Mike Robbins
RU: Chris Fairchild

Rockingham E-Z
Win: Andy Mayes
RU: Lloyd Price

Bristol E-Z
Win: Andy Mayes
RU: Todd Vanada

St. Louis E-Z
Win: Andy Mayes
RU: Vance Vanada