"Get ready, folks, because those two Hemi cars are waiting in the lanes for one last run at each other. We want to thank Frank and Dennis for bringing them out here today; it looks like this supercar showdown has been a big hit."

Indeed, the stands and fence areas filled up as the word went out. Truth be told, the Hemi 'Cuda had the advantage. It was a lighter-weight model with a longtime owner behind the three-spoke, woodgrain wheel; despite his joking about it, Dennis didn't want to hurt a customer's car. The cars swapped lanes and this time were careful to stage.

At the green, Kohr again lost traction slightly, but left at a low enough rpm that he recovered quickly then let that Hemi roar into the 5,500-plus range before grabbing each gear. There's no tach in either car, so both drivers were shifting by ear. Right next to him, Badalson was coming into his element as well; the pair of elephants were marching down track in tire-chirping fashion and both cars picked up dramatically from their previous times. Kohr's more aggressive driving style netted him a solid 14.34 at 100.94 mph, while Badalson tripped the lights fantastic at a 14.01 at 103.45, equaling the time he had run with the 'Cuda twenty-five years earlier.

Original Hemi Four-Speed Drag Race

Race 1:60 ft1/81/4MPH 
Hemi 'Cuda2.329.3014.3886.35W
Road Runner2.559.6514.6997.66 
Race 2:60 ft1/81/4MPH 
Hemi 'Cuda2.429.3714.21102.57W
Road Runner2.539.6914.6399.55 
Race 3:60 ft1/81/4MPH 
Hemi 'Cuda2.349.2314.01103.45W
Road Runner2.459.4614.34100.90