Anna Bryant, age: 55, Suffolk, VA
Well, there are stories and then there are stories. For Anna Bryant, running this '66 Barracuda is just another stage of an eventful life. Anna was born in a Russian concentration camp (yes, seriously), escaping with her family when she was nine months old. She came to America at age 5, and says she was shy and introverted until her husband Collis dared her to go drag racing several years ago. He bought the car as a diamond in the rough, saying it had a lot of potential; Anna remembers she didn't even want it because it looked so bad. The couple also has a pair of '64 Valiants and a '64 Barracuda waiting in line to be fixed up.

Regardless, the plan from the start had been to put together an economical package. This car uses a store-bought '77 318 replacement engine and shifts in Drive, so Anna and Collis planned to use the day to dial the car up for the Chrysler Classic at Virginia Motorsports Park the following weekend. Anna finished Third in the points at VMP this past season, and has qualified for the bracket finals seven years running. The car works well; they got 13 laps in.

"We run the spread-bore carb because it gives better launch and 60-foot times with this combination compared to the square-bore carb, and we didn't change jets because the top gasket is hard to get and ours is well-worn. The car has run as good as 12.30s at VMP. In Drive, the car was shifting around 4400 or so for some reason today; normally, it runs those mid-12s all the time." -Collis Bryant

"My favorite moment in the car was beating the track champion at VMP with it. We have four children and seven grandchildren, and we enjoyed coming up here and meeting new people and seeing the cars. This was a good event." -Anna Bryant

'66 Barracuda
Weight w/driver: 3,044 (1⁄4 tank of gas)

Engine: '77 318 by Jack Neild, OEM replacement.

Bottom end: Factory crank, factory 9.0:1 cast pistons with reliefs, unbalanced.

Heads: '75 Chrysler -586 castings, ported.

Valvetrain: Mopar Performance flat-tappet (.450/.455 lift), 1.88/1.60 stock valves, OEM 273 adjustable rockers.

Induction: Edelbrock Performer, Holley 650 spread-bore, 69/71 jets, carb spacer, Mopar electronic ignition, Amoco 93 fuel, Holley pump.

Exhaust: 1 5⁄8-inch pri. to 3-inch coll. headers, Flowmaster 3-chamber mufflers, no crossover pipe.

Trans/Driveline: 904 w/Hemi governer (5400 shift) and cylinder planetaries, 2500-Stall Converter Specialties (Balto, MD) converter, column shift, 8 3⁄4 rear w/ 4.10:1 Sure Grip.

Brakes: Ford 5-on-4.5 bolt pattern front drum/factory rear drum.

Wheels/Tires: Weld 15x4.5/Pep Boys @ 55 psi front/Weld 15x8/Hoosier 28x9 slicks @ 12 psi. rear.

Suspension: Drag race alignment at 90/10 shocks, MP super stock springs, aluminum front bushings/poly bushings in rear, no pinion snubber.

Safety Mods: Driveshft loop, RCI lap belts, S&W cage with subframe connectors.

Interior Mods: Only one front fiberglass bucket seat.

Body Mods: Six Pak-type scoop.

1/4 et/mphNotes
1Idle540012.9130-deg. timing
21500540012.8930-deg. timing
3Idle540012.8732-deg. timing
41500540012.9332-deg. timing
5Idle540012.8434-deg. timing
61500540012.8934-deg. timing
7Idle540012.8736-deg. timing
81500540012.8136-deg. timing
9Idle540012.8638-deg. timing
101500540012.9238-deg. timing
111700600012.4538-deg. timing, Collis driving, manual shift
121700640012.4938-deg. timing, Collis driving, manual shift, hot engine