Calm and Collected 'Cuda
Bill Burke, age: 43, East Norwich, NY
Bill Burke has been racing his '69 Barracuda for many years, and he came out to bracket test it with a variety of rear tire pressures. Unlike many of the others, the East Norwich, New York-based school system administrator has already done most of the work to make his car consistent for racing, so he was well aware of what the car liked. The five runs he recorded varied by less than 11/410 of second despite the different times of day. He has posted final round showings at Englishtown for the Mopar Atlantic Nationals. Bill's 360 is a crate motor, which was a basic install into the A-Body for bracket racing purposes. He also has mufflers on the car due to the noise restrictions at the track.

'69 Plymouth Barracuda
Weight w/driver: 3,070 (w/half tank of gas).

Engine: 19- 360 crate motor by Chrysler.

Bottom end: Factory crank and rods, 9.0:1 Mopar pistons, unbalanced.

Heads: Mopar swirl-port castings, unported.

Valvetrain: Mopar roller (.501/.513 lift/288/292-deg. @.050 advertised duration), 1.925/1.625 valves, 1.65 rockers.

Induction: M-1 Mopar single-plane, BG-modified Holley 750 vac., 1⁄2-inch carb spacer, Mopar electronic ignition, Hess 93 unleaded.

Exhaust: 1 3⁄4-inch pri. to 3-inch coll. Stahl headers, mufflers, no crossover pipe.

Trans/Driveline: 904 Turbo-Action, reverse valvebody, Turbo Action 10-inch 3600-stall converter, Turbo-Action Cheetah shifter, 8 3⁄4 rear w/4.56:1 Richmond gears, Moser axles.

Brakes: Stock drum/drum.

Wheels/Tires: Centerline Convo Pro 15-inch wheels/Moroso 2-ply front/Hoosier 28x10 rear, 12-14 psi.

Suspension: Stock front, subframe connectors, Mopar S/S springs, Mopar shocks, pinions snubber.

Safety Mods: S&W 8-point cage, fuel cell, loop seat belts, ARCA stainless steel fire shield rear seat.

Interior mods: Gutted, race seat.

Body Mods: Fiberglass fenders and Six Pak hood.

Launch technique: Prestage to 2,000 rpm, bring to 3,400, launch on last yellow.

60-ft1⁄8 et/mph1⁄4 et/mphNotes
1320055001.65N/A11.99/109.4913-psi slicks
2340055001.69N/A12.00/110.0012.5-psi, bad burnout