Horsepower: 763 at 2,200 rpm
Torque: 1,470 at 2,200 rpm
In the "What the heck was that?" class, Doug Smith of Hummelstown, Pennsylvania, wowed the crowd when he maxed out the dyno. His '01 Ram sports a six-cylinder. It may be a six, but it's a Cummins turbo diesel six with some "extras." The diesel engine benefits from bigger injectors and fuel pump, along with nitrous and a propane injection system. The stock automatic tranny connects to a stock rear, and could rip a house off its foundation.

Horsepower: 287 at 2,300 rpm
Torque: 634 at 2,300 rpm
When Jamie Passon of Sugarloaf, Pennsylvania, backed his 2000 Ram with the Cummins Diesel onto the dyno, Doug Smith's (see above results) first words were, "Uh-oh." Then the questions started to fly. Easy, Doug. Jamie doesn't have any bottles hidden in the bed. The only power-adder Jamie used was the Banks turbo, and Jamie told Doug that his dyno crown was safe. The factory five-speed sends the power to a big ol' 911/44-inch rear.

Horsepower: 218 at 4,400 rpm
Torque: 291 at 3,400 rpm
Even untouched power can be found on the dyno at Carlisle. Sal Frasca of Brooklyn, New York, brought his 96,000-mile '68 Barracuda to the show and strapped it down. The Formula S A-Body has never had its driveline touched, and it still uses the factory gaskets. The auto shifted Barracuda utilizes an 831/44 rear.

Horsepower: 209 at 4,200 rpm
Torque: 290 at 3,200 rpm
In order to know if the modifications you make are worthwhile, you first need to know what you are starting with. Todd Dwars of Ellicot City, Maryland, brought his bone-stock 2000 Dakota R/T to Carlisle and strapped it down. He says this gives him a baseline for upcoming mods, and he plans on retesting the truck next year. Smart thinking, Todd.

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