The Mopar Nationals event has led all Mopar car shows in the advancement and execution of judging collector cars. Our Concours judging classes were created in 1982 and followed in 1989 by the Mopar Nationals Gold standard certification judging process. Additional classes in the regular judging and Editors' awards were followed by the successful Street class, the Senior class, the Clone classes, and the now famous Young Guns. The Mopar Nationals event remains the standard by which other Chrysler shows are judged. In continuing this worldwide recognition, some changes and expansion of classes will be incorporated into this year's event.

Judging CategoriesThere are two major judging categories-Judged Show Entry and Certification. A regular Judged Show entry participant will be professionally team-judged, with vehicles of the same body style competing against one another. This classification is broken down as follows: Original, Street, Modified, Clone, Pro-Street, and the Senior* class. A vehicle entered in Certification-type judging is rated by knowledgeable judges, with points awarded against a set of standards for highly detailed vehicles.

Note: All judging entries must be pre-registered and received before June 30, 2003, to be included. There will be no entries accepted after this date or at the gate-no exceptions. Remember to include two photos (31/44 front, 31/44 rear) of your car with your entry for the regular judging. For the Certification Judging class, include two photos as well as a copy of your broadcast sheet, window sticker, and any other supporting documentation. If you are entering the same car you entered last year, you do not have to resubmit photos.

Original: Vehicle is in same configuration as delivered from factory-original color paint and options. Matches vehicle buildsheet. Nonnumbers matching engine and transmission is OK, but must be the original type and cubic inch.

Clone: Vehicle is stock in appearance but does not match the buildsheet (e.g., nonoriginal engine, color, interior, and so on). Vehicle is basically a clone of another model version. Vehicles that have slight modifications may also qualify for this class but may lose minimal points due to alterations from stock condition.

Street: Vehicle is basically stock appearing except for the addition of mag wheels, some chrome parts, minor paint, aftermarket gauges, or bolt-on parts (intake, headers, and so on).

Modified: Vehicle is basically stock-body appearing but features minor body changes, widening of wheelwells, narrow rear end, custom paint or effects, and so on-not extreme modifications.

Pro Street: Vehicle is heavily modified. Custom paint, custom interior/dash, or tubbed, high-rise manifold, blower, and so on.

Young Guns: Class for original and modified cars that have been restored by Mopar enthusiasts age 25 and under. This class, sponsored in conjunction with Mopar Muscle, provides special recognition of the next generation of Mopar enthusiasts and levels the playing field among the class entrants. The class will be split, and cars will be divided into '79-and-earlier and '80-and-later.

*Senior: This is a class for past-year First Place winners in the original categories. The cars in this class will be judged against a set of standards. If your car won a First Place trophy at the '02 Mopar Nationals and you want to compete again this year in judging, you are required to enter this classification. If your car was a First Place winner in 2000 or 2001, you have the option of either entering the Original class or the Senior Division. This class represents the next level for those cars that are first-rate but aren't quite ready for the OE-Certification-style judging. The cost of entry for the Senior classification is $100.