Although the overall combination lends itself to high-speed driving, Bill was willing to make a few passes down the track-with a best time for the weekend of 14.84 at 92 mph. Bill says the car has run better, but after he saw what happened to our next guy, he took it easy.

Wounded Pachyderm
The "You Gotta Be Kidding Me" Hard Luck award goes to John Huff. During John's first timeshot on Saturday, something let loose in his 528 Hemi, and as you can see by the spark plug, it wasn't good. The Casper, Wyoming, entry still managed to keep a sense of humor about it, as John simply said, "It ain't the first time I broke something." John did, however, manage to travel the approximately 50 miles for the driving portion to prove its road-worthiness before the implosion. Behind the big ol' Hemi is an 833 four-speed spinning a 4.56 and a locker-filled 931/44 rear.

On the street cruise, before John's big break, he took the liberty of permanently pasting your green-horned associate editor into the racing bucket seats. He then astutely inquired, "First time in a Hemi?" Do the racing seats and rollcage take some of the "street" out of it? Yeah, probably-but wow! It may be the wrong choice for taking the mother-in-law to the hairdresser, but man is it a fun ride!

John did tell us that during his racing portion, he did a dry hop, and his first thought was, "That hooked good; something's gonna break." Halfway down the track-kaboom, he was right. He still mustered a 13.84 e.t. while coasting through the lights.