Furious FishName: Warren AbbottLocation: Baldwinsville,New YorkVehicle: '73 'CudaBest Pull: 388 hp; 472 ft-lbEngine Specs: A 340 hooked up to a 727 tranny provides the motorvation for Warren's fish. It made excellent power, featuring Diamond Pistons, Comp hydraulic cam, Rhoades lifters, Edelbrock EPS, and a TTI exhaust system.

Big BirdName: Mark ShankroffLocation: Myerstown,PennsylvaniaVehicle: '69 Road RunnerBest Pull: 392 hp;434 ft-lbEngine Specs: Mark's bird holds a 10:1-compression 440. The 831/44 rearend is hooked up to a four-speed and runs 3.91 gears. Ported heads and a 3-inch exhaust system combine to keep the flow going.

Stocked UpName: Mark AlbrightLocation: Lafayette, New YorkVehicle: '70 Challenger T/ABest Pull: 220 hp; 271 ft-lbEngine Specs: Mark's numbers were modest, but considering he runs a mostly stock 340 Six Pack, they weren't too bad. Some carb work, a bracket valve job, and a Hughes Engines cam are all the mods on the little Six Packer.

Good as NewName: Edwin ThompsonLocation: Jordan, New YorkVehicle: '67 GTXBest Pull: 340 hp; 388 ft-lbEngine Specs: Except for the camshaft, Edwin's 426 Hemi is stock all the way and runs with a four-speed tranny. These engines were rated at 425 hp from the factory. Why mess with a good thing?

Gentle GiantName: Doug WilsonLocation: Highland Lakes,New JerseyVehicle: '69 Charger R/TBest Pull: 327 hp; 352 ft-lbEngine Specs: This 426 Hemi pachyderm features a 5.10-inch-lift, 300-duration Isky cam and has a four-speed tranny that sends the power to a 4.10-gear Dana rearend. Doug's numbers were respectable for a Hemi, but there's more power to be had.

Right on TargetName: Mark LuffyLocation: Severn, MarylandVehicle: '68 ChargerBest Pull: 350 hp; 397 ft-lbEngine Specs: Mark's .030-over 440 includes a Hughes HE 3038 BL cam, Stage V heads, a Performer RPM intake, and an 800-cfm Holley double pumper. He runs 3.91 gears at the rear, and the engine is 9.7:1 compression.

Two Ways to HaulName: Michael WestfallLocation: Vestal,New YorkVehicle: '96 DodgeDakotaBest Pull: 292 hp; 346 ft-lbEngine Specs: Representing the trucking crowd, Michael runs a 408ci mill with 2.02/1.68 Hughes heads, Hughes cam, MP single-plane intake, Hughes T-body, and 1.60-inch roller rockers.

Style vs. SubstanceName: Robin StebbinsLocation: Lovettsville, VirginiaVehicle: '73 ChargerBest Pull: 205 hp; 281 ft-lbEngine Specs: Robin's Charger ain't purty, but considering he uses it for hauling, he was happy with his torque number. He uses 915 heads on the 360, with a 904 tranny, 811/44 rear with 3.21 gears, Holley Pro-Jection carb, Summit .204/.214 cam, Hooker headers, Flowmaster exhaust, and the intake from a '72 340.

'80s MuscleName: Chuck OliverLocation: Bethpace, New YorkVehicle: '83 Dodge MiradaBest Pull: 451 hp; 589 ft-lbEngine Specs: Chuck's post-musclecar-era Mirada drew a crowd and ripped off a torque number that was best in the group. On his Mopar Performance short-block, Chuck has Edelbrock heads, a B&M 174 blower, a 75hp N.O.S. Cheater system, and a 727 reverse manual valvebody that hooks to a 3.55-gear, five-spool rearend.