This year, the annual Power Tour kicked off its festivities on May 30 at the Grand Ole Opryland Hotel in Nashville, and ended on June 6 in Ft. Worth, Texas. With the help of Steve Strope of Pure Vision Designs in Simi Valley, California, and Pat Staton of Year One Restoration Parts in Braselton, Georgia, we decided to pick what we thought was the "Coolest Mopar" at each stop. Each of those cars is featured elsewhere in this issue, so we thought we would try to give the rest of the Mopar owners coverage as well. Sorry we couldn't put everyone's picture in, but here are some cool happenings at the Power Tour-Mopar happenings that is. We could spin yarns about the Power Tour and the cars we saw, but we'll just shut up and show you the pictures. So, here ya go.