Mopar's Biggest Big-Block
Car: '70 Plymouth Sport Satellite
Owner: Richard Zeitlin
Chrysler's 440 was the biggest engine to ever come down the assembly line (prior to the Viper V10, of course) and was an instant success. Not only did they make good power; they produced prodigious amounts of torque allowing even the biggest cars so equipped to move with alacrity. Richard Zeitlin built this '70 Sport Satellite to not only drive, but to thump, hence the decision to build an 11:1 440 for his red B-body. Richard used an excellent Hughes hydraulic cam to bump the valves in the Edelbrock aluminum heads and topped it off with an M-1 single-plane intake and 850 Demon. Guessing an output of 350 hp, Richard fell short when his car laid down 323 horses.

Engine: 440 big-block
Compression Ratio: 11:1
Cylinder Heads: Edelbrock aluminum, 1.5 ratio roller rockers
Camshaft: Hughes hydraulic flat-tappet, 238-degrees duration @ .050-inch valve lift, .537-inch valve lift
Induction: Mopar Performance M-1 single-plane intake, 850-cfm Demon carb
Ignition: 6AL ignition box, MSD billet distributor
Exhaust: tti 171/48-inch headers, tti 3-inch dual exhaust with Flowmaster mufflers
Transmission: 727 automatic, 3,000-rpm stall converter, Gear Vendors over/under-drive unit Performance
Best e.t.: 13.40 @ 102 mph
Owner's Guess: 350 hp
Dyno Results: 323 hp, 353 lb-ft of torque

Car: '01 Dodge Dakota R/T
Owner: Steve Feiler
Being the southwest divisional representative of the National Dakota R/T Club has its perks. Hundreds of club members pooling their collective knowledge and findings to help each other build a better Dakota. Knowing this many like-minded individuals with the desire to make their Dakota R/Ts fast has led Steve down the path of Dakota R/T performance. With what amounts to basic bolt-on speed parts, Steve has raised the performance bar of his truck significantly. The completely stock long-block simply required an intake and full exhaust system to pump out 252 horses and nearly 300 lb-ft at the rear wheels and has run a best of 13.40 at 103 mph, proving that like performance V-8s of yore, the Magnum responds to the same inputs. For all things R/T, log onto, you won't be disappointed.

Engine: 360ci Magnum
Approx Compression Ratio: 9:1
Cylinder Heads: Stock cast iron, stock 1.6 ratio rockers
Camshaft: Stock hydraulic roller
Induction: Mopar Performance M-1 single-plane EFI, 52 mm F&B throttle body
Ignition: Stock electronic
Exhaust: GS Motorsports 151/48-inch headers, GS Motorsports dual exhaust, Spintech mufflers
Transmission: four-speed automatic 2,400-rpm stall converter Performance
Best e.t.: 13.40 @ 103 mph
Owner's Guess: 255 hp
Dyno Results: 252 hp, 297 lb-ft of torque

Small-Block With The Heart Of A Big-Block
Owner: Len Sole
Car: '73 Dodge Challenger
Back in the day, 396 inches meant big-block. Fast-forward to 2004, and 396 ci means a moderately sized stroker small-block. Enter Len Sole and his bad-apple '73 Challenger, powered by what appears externally to be just another 340 with a single four-barrel. Hell, it even has a functional A/C unit, so how serious can it be? Well, when his E-body spun the rollers of the Werx dyno, we found out just how serious it is indeed, laying down a cool 393 hp and a whopping, tire-melting, axle-twisting 453 lb-ft of torque! Sporting a 10:1 compression ratio and digesting a steady diet of pump premium, Len relies on a set of fully ported Indy 360-1 rectangular port aluminum heads to make the power. Valve actuation is handled by a modest Engle solid roller cam, and feeds it fuel with a 750-cfm Demon carb sitting atop an Indy 360-1 intake manifold. All this power is fed through a 727, sporting an ATI 3,500 stall converter into a Gear Vendors over/under-drive unit. Obviously, Len has built his Challenger to drive-and haul the mail.

Engine: 396ci small-block stroker (340 small-block based)
Approx Compression Ratio: 10:1
Cylinder Heads: Indy 360-1 rectangular port aluminum, fully ported, Indy roller rocker arms
Camshaft: Engle mechanical flat-tappet, 244-degrees duration @ .050-inch valve lift, .575-inch valve lift
Induction: Indy 360-1 single-plane intake, 750-cfm Demon carb
Ignition: MSD 6AL ignition box, MSD billet distributor
Exhaust: Owner designed 171/48-inch headers, 3-inch dual exhaust system with X-pipe
Transmission: 727 automatic, ATI 3,500-rpm stall converter, Gear Vendors over/underdrive unit

Best e.t.: 11.63 @ 117 mph
Owner's Guess: 400 hp
Dyno Results: 393 hp, 453 lb-ft of torque