Judging Procedures Classifications: Vehicles are primarily classified by year and body style. Secondly, vehicles are broken down into stock and modified. Finally, if warranted, vehicles will be divided by make or model. First through fifth place trophies will be awarded in all classes, regardless of class size.

Allowable Modifications: Stock vehicles will be allowed up to five bolt-on modifications to remain in a stock class. Maintenance items (e.g., tires, battery, plug wires, belts, hoses, and filters) do not count as bolt-ons, however, a higher score will be earned if these items are original type. Bolt-on modifications include under-hood chrome (each piece), carburetors, distributors, gauges, shifters, stereos, incorrect OE-type wheels (e.g., Rallye wheels on a '69-or-earlier vehicle), strut braces, and so on. Color changes do not constitute a modification if the new color was available on that particular year and model. Non-matching number or clone cars may compete in Stock if they meet the above requirements. If a vehicle has aftermarket wheels, headers, non-OE hoodscoop, non-OE spoilers, or other body modifications, it is automatically considered Modified. If a vehicle has an engine swap not available on that particular year and model, it is also considered Modified (e.g., big-block Duster). All '62-and-up vehicles with Roots-type superchargers, tube chassis, or back-halved suspensions will be classified as Pro Street. Vehicles with wheeltubs and stock-style leaf springs only will remain in Modified.

Parking: Vehicles will be parked by basic classifications (e.g., A-Body, B-Body, Truck, Late Model, and so on) You must register at the judging tent beginning at 9:00 a.m. Saturday to receive the balance of your credentials and to be eligible for awards.

Judging: All judging will take place on Saturday only. You must be in place on the show field no later than 2:00 p.m. All vehicles must have a windshield registration card (available at the judging tent) in plain sight to be eligible for awards. A "Showman's Certificate" will be placed in all vehicles after they have been judged. If you have not received a certificate by 4:00 p.m., please inquire at the judging tent.

Scoring: A 110-point judging sheet will be used. Condition, cleanliness, and appropriateness of tires account for 10 points, wheels for 10 points, paint and body for 10 points, trim for 5 points, grille and tailpanel for 5 points, engine for 20 points, engine accessories for 5 points, battery and wiring for 5 points, trunk paint for 10 points, trunk mat for 5 points, tools and jack for 5 points, seats and trim for 10 points, carpet and headliner for 5 points, and dashboard for 5 points. Ten bonus points may be awarded, based on difficulty of execution. A perfect score is 120 points. Hoods and decklids should be open, and your doors should be unlocked for maximum points. Convertibles should be shown with the top up until the vehicle has been judged. Undercarriages are not judged except in the case of a tie. Judges will be available Sunday afternoon to review your vehicle with you one-on-one. Judging sheets will not be distributed to participants.

Awards: If you are unable to attend the awards presentation on Sunday, please notify the judges before you leave on Saturday. They will make arrangements to get your award to you if you are a winner.