Who: Jessica Peter, 17
Where: Cresco, IA
What: '74 Dodge Challenger
Fine Print: Y'know what? We're tired of all sorts of letters complaining about post-74 cars. As indicated by young Ms. Peter's Challenger, the '74 was a very good year. Her E-Body touts a 318, with a four-barrel that she built with her father. Painted now in Panther Pink, the Challenger received new quarter panels and a whole lot of body work. The car's body was stripped clean, and all the cosmetic work was started from the beginning. The 318 sports 360 heads, a Comp Cam, and an Edelbrock High-Rise intake and carburetor. Jessica and her Challenger got a lot of looks that weekend. Seems the Mopar Fever isn't just for guys.

Who: Todd Spina, 24
Where: Gowanda, NY
What: '69 Dodge Super Bee
Fine Print: Todd's Bee is done right. Starting with a '69 Bee, Todd built the B-Body with a stout 440, bored a hefty .060-over. An Edelbrock intake with a Holley 850 carburetor sits on top of the 440 as the internals are fitted with such aftermarket parts as a Crower camshaft and Keith Black pistons. Hooker headers plumbed into Flowmaster 40-Series mufflers funnel out the fumes. The body was straightened, reworked, sanded, and painted in knock-out Plum Crazy purple. Todd picked up the '69 Super Bee when he was 16 years old, making this a long term investment. Todd plans on hanging on to this Bee for many more years to come as it has become a part of his life, and frankly, a habit for hauling ass.

Who: Corey Pant, 25
Where: Three Rivers, MI
What: '74 Plymouth Duster
Fine Print: Corey was, yet again, this year's winner. Previously, his crazy metal-flake custom green Duster was the same car that once was Plum Crazy purple and had landed him three previous Mopar Muscle Young Gun Choice Awards. This young father showed up with his family in tow, participating for his last year at the Young Guns. The small block 340 touts an Edelbrock Performer RPM intake and a 750 Dominator. The green paint was mixed and applied by Corey personally, while the custom stripe was added by a friend. The Duster is missing its side marker lights but boasts interior accommodations like the best of the Hip-Hop crowd with DVD players, stereo speakers, and interior lighting.

Who: Paul Faudree, 25
Where: Proctorville, OH
What: '70 Dodge Challenger R/T SE
Fine Print: Purchased in 1995 for a measly $500, Paul and his father dedicated five years to rebuilding the E-Body. Straight as an arrow and clean as any of the cars on the show grounds, this Challenger sports nothing but the factory gear. The original 383 was rebuilt and resides between the fenders in the same sure-fire working order as it did in 1970. The 727 TorqueFlite and 8 3/4 rear with 3.23 verify the car's sano condition as being totally unmolested for a more stout torque converter or steeper gears. Paul wanted an E-Body he could enjoy driving on the highway as much as on the track, though we question how much this fine piece of machinery sees the 1320.

Who: Gregg Orr Jr., 20
Where: Hamlet, IN
What: '68 Plymouth Barracuda Formula S coupe
Fine Print: Man, Gregg's Formula S is clean. That was the one word that crossed our minds as we looked over his A-Body. The '68 required significant restoration as rust and corrosion made the best of its original sheet metal. New lower rear quarter panels, door panels, and all new interior were only the beginning. The seats were recovered, new bushings in the front suspension, rechromed bumpers, and a change from maroon to red paint completed the restoration. Gregg even chose to maintain the restorative look with new bias-ply tires on stock rims. For a stock appearing car, Gregg's Formula S is sure a fine piece of new restoration parts.

Who: Jeff Cox, 16
Where: Blue Springs, MD
What: '72 Plymouth Scamp
Fine Print: Jeff was not only one of the youngest competitors in this year's Young Guns, but was easily, one of the coolest kids we met. With the help of his dad, Jeff was able to do most everything on the car himself. The 318 was rebuilt after only 70,000 on the clock with a Purple cam, matched up to a 904 TorqueFlite with a shift kit. The interior is all original as this car has changed hands only twice, making Jeff the second owner on a 33 year old car. The 318 has a four-barrel Edelbrock carburetor and electronic ignition. Interestingly enough, Jeff noted to us that the car was purchased new at Cox Motors new in 1972, making us wonder who the first owners were.