Who: Rob Shaw, 24
Where: Grand Ledge, MI
What: '70 Challenger R/T
Fine Print: All numbers-matching Challengers aren't all that rare, especially due to the money these E-Bodies are bringing in, regardless if it is a Hemi car or not. This '70 R/T is all numbers matching but owned by this Young Gun. With a 383 with only 78,000+ miles back to factory specs, the 727 TorqueFlite received the same restorative treatment. The 383 rides with electronic ignition after receiving all new gaskets, spark plug wires, plugs, and cap rotor. The 3.55 Sure grip rolls nicely on the streets while Rob clicks through the gears via the Slap Stick shifter.

Who: Bradley Childress
Where: Weitchfield, KY
What: '73 Plymouth 'Cuda
Fine Print: Dedicated to the memory of their son Bradley, Pat and Michelle Childress built this '73 'Cuda to the specifications that Bradley wanted before a fatal accident ended his life short. The car was painted in '70 Ralley Red paint with 340 billboards on the side, a '70 tail panel, shaved parking lights, shaved antenna, relocating it to the rear quarter similar to the AAR 'Cuda, a Ralley dash cluster, and Torque Thrust II wheels. Bradley persuaded his parents to purchase the car, wanting to perform the restoration himself making all the desired modifications. Wanting to honor their son's memory, mother and father dedicated a year to the restoration.

Who: Rob Shaner, 21
Where: Butler, PA
What: '87 Dodge 150
Fine Print: With the 440 coming stock, Rob's got one of the most potentially powerful vehicles from the factory in the line up. Rob went with a custom two-toned paint scheme when the time came for him to restore this truck to working order. The 440 received a set of Hedman headers and a 750 Holley. Rob installed a set of late-model Dodge wheels and a custom stereo system. 2 1/2-inch tubes tunneling into twin Flowmaster mufflers compose the exhaust system bolted up to the headers from the 440. Topped with a K&N air filter, this truck has room to grow and plenty to breathe as it roars down the highway.

Who: Josh McNeer, 26
Where: Newton, IA
What: '67 Plymouth Fury III
Fine Print: Kudos to Josh for having the only C-Body in the line up of Young Guns this year. When he bought the Fury, it has rust in both quarters, the floors, and trunk. The power options didn't work, the top was gone, the tranny needed a rebuild, and the interior was trashed. Josh started the body work and paint first. The top and interior followed. The transmission was rebuilt while the engine compartment was cleaned, painted, and detailed as well as the engine. New trim was located as wells as lenses and emblems. New Magnum wheels were bolted on with new rubber.

Who: Brian Harmon, 25
Where: Gaston, IN
What: '73 Dodge Dart Sport
Fine Print: Brian picked up this Dart from the previous owner who took on most of the restoration long before Brian bought the car. The high performance 360 had received the same kind of treatment, while the factory air conditioning and center console remained functional and original. By the time Brain took the Dart home, only minor cosmetic changes were necessary to bring it back. New bumpers, door handles, taillight bezels, and the like replaced the old plastics and faded chrome, making the Dart look fresh and clean like any good A-Body should be.

Who: Tom Aretakis, 18
Where: Clinton, MI
What: '69 Barracuda
Fine Print: Amazingly, this is one of the few 440-factory A-Body Darts that came out in 1969. The fast-from-the-factory coupe has been modified with a Super Stock chassis with a 440 roller .600 lift camshaft with Edelbrock heads. Tom doesn't need to rattle off mile after mile of engine internals and details regarding the aesthetics of his Barracuda because the car runs well into the 10.20s. And, just to rub it into the rest of our competitors, Tom is the one doing all the driving. Not too bad, he have to say.