Six-Pack Attack
Robert Greenlee - Deer Park, Texas
1969 Road Runner

  • 440 .030-inch overbore
  • Manley Rods with Wiseco pistons; 10.5:1 compression ratio
  • Paul's Crankshaft 4.15-inch stroker (493 final cubic-inches)
  • Comp Cams solid flat tappet; 582/597 - 258 at .050-inch
  • Stock Edelbrock aluminum heads
  • Aluminum Six Pack with Holley carbs
  • 727 with a Dynamic 10-inch converter
  • Hooker Super Comp with 3-inch exhaust
  • Dana 60 with Sure Grip and 3.54 gears
  • Lost in First Round to Barry Barker

    Robert's first car was a '69 Road Runner, and those memories stayed with him because he had to have another one. In his words, "it may be as aerodynamic as a brick, but who cares?" He loves to drive and race his car, and many of the aftermarket parts are a compromise to achieve driveability. It's a true driver, having made the cross-country trek for the 1998 Power Tour (with the A/C on), and then again for the Woodward dream cruise in Detroit. Robert says his car may be easier to tune and run better with a single four-barrel, but since the Six Pack is synonymous with Mopar performance, it's going to stay.

    Just to make sure Robert's Runner has enough power under the hood, a nitrous-oxide system is plumbed into the Six Pack, but for some reason, he never used it that weekend.

    60-ft 1/8-mile/mph 1/4-mile/mph Driver Comments
    1.803 7.62/91.73 11.961/112.67  
    1.855 7.675/91.73 12.006/112.81 timing to 38 degrees
    1.879 7.685/92.21 11.993/113.42 timing back to 36 degrees
    2.009 7.827/91.98 12.145/113.32 Sleeping launch, lost round 1