The Winner

Bobby Drake - Madisonville, Texas
1970 Road Runner
  • 440 .060-inch overbore
  • Stock Steel rods with Federal Mogul pistons 9.8:1 compression ratio
  • Mopar Performance 4.15-inch crankshaft (500 total cubic inches)
  • Hughes hydraulic camshaft; 540/555 - 244 at .050-inch
  • Stock Edelbrock aluminum
  • Edelbrock performer with 850 BG Speed Demon
  • 727 with B&M 10-inch converter
  • tti 2-inch headers into 3-inch exhaust
  • 831/44 Sure Grip with 3.55 gears.
  • Won Round One against Brian Uccello
  • Bye Win in Second Round
  • Won Final against Barry Barker

    At the beginning of this article we mentioned a car that was having starter issues. Well, Bobby Drake was the gentleman with that car. Sure, changing a starter may not sound like a daunting task, but try it with 2-inch headers. They needed to be loosened from the head, and the starter finessed out of the hole. Bobby left the track Saturday night, made the swap, and returned Sunday for racing. Bobby has owned this Road Runner for a couple of years now, and drives it every chance he gets. While he was definitely the quickest car in our competition, he was also the only one using drag radials. Hey, there was no rule that said he couldn't. Bobby's 60-foot times were consistently in the 1.59-1.61 range for all his passes.

    60-ft 1/8-mile/mph 1/4-mile/mph Driver Comments
    1.594 7.333/92.69 11.626/113.42  
    1.614 7.353/92.89 11.631/113.61  
    1.612 7.350/92.99 11.624/113.81  
    1.612 7.344/93.01 11.666/104.97 Lifted