Dangerous Duster
Brian Uccello - The Woodlands, Texas
1971 Duster

  • 340 .040-inch overbore
  • Stock rods and TRW pistons; 10.0 compression ratio
  • Stock crankshaft
  • Comp Cams Hydraulic flat-tappet; 477/488 - 224/230 at .050
  • Gasket matched "J" heads
  • Cast-iron intake with ThermoQuad
  • 727 transmission with a Hughes 11-inch converter
  • Stock manifolds with stock exhaust
  • 8-3/4 with Sure Grip and 3.55 gears
  • Ran .02 under dial and lost to Bobby Drake in Round One

    Brian was the only small-block entry in our competition and held his ground. Brian's numbers-matching Duster is the epitome of a street car. In 1973, Brian's first car was a GTX with a four-speed, but he really wanted a '71 340 Duster. That was in 1973; finally in 1998, he found what he wanted. This Duster originally retains all its factory sheetmetal, as well as the factory A/C. Brian tells us his Duster usually runs 13.50s, but during our shootout, he was experiencing some ignition gremlins, even with the 3.55 gear and 205/70/14 all-season radials. During our first qualifying session, Brian forgot to put his pants on (He was wearing shorts!), and so for safety reasons, he couldn't make the first round of time shots. But he did get to make it up. During the rest of the event, he remembered his pants and ripped off several low-14-second and 13-second runs.

    60-ft 1/8-mile/mph 1/4-mile/mph Driver Comments
    2.087 8.989/79.62 13.985/97.44 Car laid down in Second gear
    2.120 9.014/79.74 14.046/96.89 Same issue
    2.107 9.038/78.97 14.160/94.99 Ignition miss
    2.091 9.038/77.75 14.234/94.19 Broke out .02, lost round 1