Red Rush
Rusty Webster - Pasadena, Texas
1969 Road Runner

  • 440 .030-overbore
  • Eagle rods and Ross pistons; 10.5:1 compression ratio
  • Eagle 4.15-inch crankshaft (Final cubic-inch 493)
  • Comp solid flat tappet; 557/246 at .050
  • Ported Edelbrock aluminum heads
  • Holley Street Dominator with 950 HP Holley carburetor
  • A-833 four-speed
  • Hooker Super Comp headers with 3-inch exhaust.
  • 831/44 Sure Grip with 3.91 gears
  • Bye win in First Round
  • Lost to Barry Barker in Second Round

    Way back when Rusty was in high school, he owned a '74 Road Runner. He liked the car, but he really liked the '69 body style. It took awhile, but eventually Rusty found this one. He tells us he drives this car frequently and really enjoys taking it to the track. For this event, however, Rusty almost didn't make it. The week before the show, he had some problems that bent some pushrods, which almost meant the car wouldn't make the competition. Luckily, friend and shootout competitor, Robert Greenlee, was able to lend a hand and get the car running. On Friday night during time trials, Rusty's car started running rough and then just stopped. Fearing the worst, he thought it was a repeat of the previous week. As soon as he and Robert pulled the distributor cap, they found the metal contactor on the rotor had come off. They replaced the rotor, and Rusty was racing again.

    60-ft 1/8-mile/mph 1/4-mile/mph Driver Comments
    2.179 8.527/87.74 12.911/113.64 severe tire spin
    2.049 8.494/85.93 12.911/114.94 Same
    1.978 8.366/88.45 12.69/115.29 Same
    2.07 8.347/87.36 12.735/113.35 Still spinning