Dave Verna
When Dave was 17, he found this '66 Barracuda resting in a local backyard and bought it for only $500. The 'Cuda began life as a baby blue Slant Six car. Dave and his dad rebuilt the early A-Body over the course of five years. The suspension, disc brakes, and 811/44 rear were salvaged from a '74 Dart and rebuilt with poly bushings. A lightly modified 318 resided between the fenders until two years ago when a mild, yet radical looking, tunnel-ram 360 took its place. With two 390-cfm Holleys and 3.23 gears, Dave drives his ride "all over the place," averaging 14 mpg.

Strip Specs
Owner: Dave Verna Jr.
Year/Model: '66 Barracuda
Race weight: 3,470
Curb weight: 3,300
Engine: '78 360, .030 over
Compression ratio: 9.4:
Heads: No. 587 castings, stock 1.88/1.60
Intake: Edelbrock tunnel-ram
Carbs/Jets: 2-390-cfm Holleys, 52 jets
Camshaft: MP Hyd with .474 lift and .280 advertised duration
Ignition: MP Electronic with 36 degrees at 2,600
Exhaust: Spitfire shorty headers w/2 1⁄2-inch head pipes, 2-inch full exhaust
Trans: 904 w/B&M Transpak
Converter: MP 175K, 2,500 stall
Rear: 8 1⁄4, 3.23 Sure Grip
Brakes F/R: '74 A-Body disc/drum
Wheels F/R: 14x5.5 Rallyes
Tires F/R: 205/70R 40 psi, 245/60R 20 psi, 26x8.5 slicks 18 psi
Shocks: KYB gas
Chassis/Suspension mods: '74 A-body K-member w/S6 T-bars, SS leaf springs, pinion snubber
Safety mods: Driveshaft loop
Interior mods: Black vinyl seats/door panels, all metal sprayed Plum Crazy
Exterior mods: Hillborn scoop
Paint: Plum Crazy
Best e.t. prior to event: 13.3 at 102 uncorked

Strip Tuning Log-'66 Cuda
Run/TuningLaunch RPMShift RPM60ft.E.T. @ MPH
1. Street tiresidle6,0002.5714.34 @ 99.20
2. Street tiresidle6,0002.3114.11 @ 98.30
3. Slicks-20psi1,5006,0001.9113.59 @ 99.89
4. Slicks-18 psi, open head.2,0006,0002.6313.93 @ 104.35