Jeff West
Jeff was born with Mopar blood running through his veins. His father worked as a mechanic at a Mopar dealership from the early '60s into the '90s. A passion for Pentastar cars came early to Jeff, and he owned a few nice E-Bodies ('70 Challenger R/T, '71 'Cuda) before he was even of driving age. a year ago, a coworker told Jeff about a Challenger that was owned by a guy whose wife had put him into credit card debt, forcing a fast sale. A deal was made for only $9,700 for the Go Mango beauty. considering E-Body prices these days, we say, "what a deal!"

Strip Specs
Owner: Jeff West
Year/Model: '70 Challenger
Race weight: 3,740
Curb weight: 3,500
Engine: '71 340 .030-inch over
Compression ratio:10.5:1
Heads: J 915 castings with 2.02/1.60 valves
Intake: Edelbrock Performer RPM
Carb/Jets: 750 Holley vacuum secondary, 74 primary, 78 secondary jets
Camshaft: MP .484 lift, 284 advertised duration
Ignition: MP Electronic with 36 degrees advance at 2,500
Exhaust: Hedman 1 5⁄8-inch headers with 2 1⁄4-inch stock-style mufflers
Trans: '70 727
Converter: 10-inch B&M 2,800 stall
Shifter: Stock slap stick
Rear: 8 3⁄4, 3.91
Brakes F/R: 10-inch drums
Wheels F/R: 15x7 Magnum 500s
Tires F/R: 215/70R 50 psi, 255/60R 20 psi
Shocks: Stock
Chassis/Suspension mods: Pinion snubber
Safety mods: driveshaft loop
Interior mods: Stock (black)
Exterior mods: R/T hood and stripes
Paint: Go Mango
Best e.t. prior to event: 14.22 at 96.1

Strip Tuning Log--70 Challenger
Run/TuningLaunch RPMShift RPM60ft.E.T. @ MPH
1. Baseline2,0006,2002.1414.19 @ 97.07
2. Air cleaner off, more spin2,5006,2002.2314.21 @ 96.85
3. Nitrous sprayed it, broke it2,500 1.96Broke