Moe Keys
About three years ago, Moe heard about an all-original Duster 340 that was available and just had to have it. After owning big block B-Bodies most of his life, this LA-motored A-Body was a welcome change. The small-block has remained quiet (stock manifolds and mufflers) so Moe can go out cruising with his wife and 7-year-old son. Moe tells us, "my big-block cars are loud enough." The bone-stock 340 ran numbers representative of the typical A-Body back in the day.

Strip Specs
Owner: Moe Keys
Year/Model: '70 Duster 340
Race weight: 3,470
Curb weight: 3,240
Engine: Stock 340 with 74,000 miles
Compression ratio: 10.5:1
Heads: J 915 casting with 2.02/1.60
Intake: Stock
Carb/Jets: Stock AVS four-barrel
Camshaft: MP Hyd .430-inch lift and .252-degrees advertised duration
Ignition: MP Electronic with 36 degrees at 3,000 rpm
Exhaust: manifolds, full 2 1⁄4-inch exhaust and OEM-style mufflers
Trans: stock 727 TorqueFlite
Converter: Factory hi-stall 10-inch
Rear: 8 3⁄4, 4.10s
Brakes F/R: Stock disc/drum
Wheels F/R: Rallyes 14x511/42, 14x8
Tires F/R: 195/75R 50 psi, L-60 18 psi
Chassis/Suspension mods: Frame connectors, SS leaf springs
Interior mods: None, black w/silver
Exterior mods: Fiberglass hood w/six pack scoop
Paint: Lime Light
Best e.t. prior to event: N/A

Strip Tuning Log-Duster 340
Run/TuningLaunch RPMShift RPM60ft.E.T. @ MPH
1. Some tire spin1,5005,5002.1114.38 @ 93.90
2. 20 min. cooldown, tire spin1,5005,5002.1214.28 @ 94.47
3. More tire spin2,0005,5002.2514.46 @ 94.26
4. Removed spare/jack2,0005,5002.2514.36 @ 95.54
5. Better hook, still spun1,5005,5002.1014.25 @ 94.88
6. Floored it too soon2,0005,5002.2914.40 @ 95.90
7. Slower stomp, best hook1,5005,5002.0414.13 @ 95.72