At The Track
With the help of two former shootout veterans, Moe Keys and Bill Worley, we were able to organize this shootout before E-Town closed for the winter. This get-together happened on the track's last day before shutting off their timing equipment. Even though there was cold weather and less than optimal track conditions, we had a diverse group of gearheads willing to beat-on and track-tune their cars.

On the night before the event, Tom Cannon was busy pulling out the 416 that served in three years of F.A.S.T. class competition because he discovered a 55-percent leakdown in the number three cylinder. he installed his old high-compression (13:1) 340. His old motor was used in the T/A before the F.A.S.T. class racing took off. On that swap night, a new adjustable multi-disc clutch was put in place. For the first pass, Tom forgot the 340 (less low-end power) liked to be launched at 1,500 rpms higher than the 416. Tom tells us he wishes he had more time to adjust the clutch and practice his launch technique. Still, running 12s at over 111 mph on Polyglass street tires through restrictive manifolds with only 340 cubes is mighty impressive.