Six Pack To Go
Jeff Sheinost took third place in this year's challenge with his beautiful, F-8 green, Six Pack Road Runner. With its unique green-on-green color combination, Jeff's Road Runner turns as many heads on the street as it does at the track. Jeff found the car in Denver, Colorado, sitting behind a garage and purchased it from its sixth owner. The car was pretty rough since all the previous owners had raced it, but it was complete and still had the numbers-matching 440. After owning the car for 13 years, Jeff decided when it was time for a restoration that he wanted a stock look, but better-than-stock performance. Externally the car was pretty rough, needing quarters and trunk floors welded in place before it was straightened and coated with fresh paint. The original lift-off hood was retained and coated in matte black. The factory Dana 60 rear still sports its 4.10 Sure Grip, and the TorqueFlite was freshened using Turbo Action internals. A Coan 10-1/2-inch, 2,800-rpm converter helps transfer the torque to the 60 series drag radials out back. Up front, this Road Runner is all business. Knowing the rarity of this bird, but desiring to beat on it nonetheless, Jeff removed the original engine, setting it aside for future use. In its place is a 499-inch stroker big-block sporting Ross flat-top pistons, Eagle rods, and a Comp .524 lift hydraulic cam. The combination is topped with CNC-ported Edelbrock cylinder heads and Crane 1.5-ratio aluminum roller rockers. As his best pass of 11.78 seconds indicates, this car is all business.

Road Runners are known for bare-bone interiors, and Jeff's is no exception. Still sporting the original column shifter and bench seat, this car is all business. Fortunately, most of this car's interior was intact and in decent shape when he purchased it, which saved him the time and expense of obtaining hard-to-find parts. Jeff restored the interior himself, utilizing Legendary seat covers and carpet to bring the bird's green interior up to standard with the stunning exterior.