Plymouth Fury
There's nothing like the feeling of riding in a huge Mopar C-Body. These cars were made for road trips and cruising, and perform well on the open road, but are too heavy to make into a drag racer, right? Not if you ask Buddy Marshal. His theory is with enough power, any car can run respectably at the strip, and he proved it by running a string of low-12-second passes during our True Street Challenge. Nearly 500 ci of Dominator-fed, MSD-ignited, and normally aspirated big-block power help get this beast moving, and a TorqueFlite, Dana 60, and big tires ensure the power goes to the pavement. This combination was enough for a sixth place tie and a respectable finish for the heaviest car in our competition. In addition to its drag strip prowess, this Fury had docile road manners, a comfortable ride, and was certainly the safest car in the field. There is enough metal in the front clip of this Fury to make six Hondas. Like all our competitors, Buddy drives his Fury almost daily, attracting attention with its bright red paint scheme and throaty exhaust.

Buddy did most of the interior restoration himself, sticking with a factory look. The bucket seats were recovered, and new carpet was added. Engine parameters are monitored through aftermarket gauges and a giant tachometer with a shift light keeps track of the revs. The column shifter was disconnected and an aftermarket floor shifter takes its place. Aside from a small throttle linkage problem, Buddy's Fury performed flawlessly, and made numerous low-12-second passes.