Pretty in Pink
We love it when we meet guys that are really passionate about their cars, and David Barelle is just that kind of guy. Having owned this 71 'Cuda since it was almost new, he has grown quite fond of it, even naming it "Laura." We can't say that we blame him for liking his car so much since it has outlasted a couple of wives! Enjoying these cars is what the hobby is all about, and no one enjoys his car more than David. When we asked what he uses his car for, his reply was the following: "Burning the tires, driving my kids around, more tire burning, showing off, racing, burning tires, show it (burning tires), burning the tires, then racing it more, and then more tire burning. Is that not what one does? Did I mention I burn the tires?" We get the idea that David enjoys beating on his cars as they were intended to be beat on. Giving his 'Cuda the ability to "burn the tires" is a 440 Six Pack engine with 906 heads and a .545 lift Crane hydraulic flat-tappet cam. The transmission is a rebuilt TorqueFlite with a TCI 3,500-rpm converter. Headers and Flowmaster exhaust help dispose of spent gasses, and a 4.10 Sure Grip helps transfer the torque to the pavement. We commend David on his willingness to drive his car regularly, and he definitely won points with us for letting us drive the car during the road test portion of the challenge-this is one nice ride! Unfortunately for Dave, a broken driveshaft was the price he paid for beating on his car. This incident netted him a 13.70 on the track, which is a number he certainly could have improved on had he been able to make more passes. Nonetheless, David and "Laura" tied for a sixth place finish in the True Street Challenge.

David performed much of the restoration work himself including the interior. Legendary seat covers and carpet were installed, and the factory gauges were refurbished and brought back to working order. The black interior is a striking contrast to the pink exterior and really makes the car stand out. Since he drives this car regularly, a Sony sound system was installed to provide entertainment. If not for a broken driveshaft, we're certain David's 'Cuda would have placed higher than sixth in our challenge.