'67 Dodge Dart
Randy Burg fell in love with Dodge Darts when he bought his first one-a 340 Swinger-new in 1969. Since then, he has owned Darts with small-blocks, big-blocks, and even one with a Slant Six, but the '67 Dart shown here is now his favorite.

While searching eBay several years ago, Randy found this car already complete with a mild 440 between the fenders. The paint and bodywork were already finished, so he got to work on the rest of the car. The leaf springs were moved inboard to make room for the big 275/50 15-inch tires, and the 831/44 rear was filled with Richmond 3.55 gears, a Sure-Grip, and Moser axles. A custom fuel cell was built to fit inside the spare tire well of the trunk. Up front, the factory brakes were replaced with late-model A-body discs, and the K-frame was notched to clear the Milodon oil pan. Inside, Randy added new YearOne carpet and a CD player with satellite radio to keep his ears busy during cruises.

While Randy's Dart came with a mild 440 when he purchased it, he just wasn't satisfied with the performance of the engine. Sure it had torque-every 440 does-but low compression and a small cam really limited the engine. So when Randy's son decided to sell his '69 GTX to finance some moving expenses, the two struck a deal. Randy and his son had just built a 496ci stroked 440 for the GTX and hated to see it go with the car, so they agreed to replace it with the mild 440 from Randy's Dart, and the Dart got the 496-inch motor. During the build of this engine, Randy and his son added an Eagle 4.15-inch stroke crank and H-beam rods, Ross flat-top pistons, and a Comp .573-inch lift solid flat-tappet cam. Edelbrock aluminum heads were added, and a Victor 440 intake with a Demon 850 carb take care of the induction. TTI headers expel the gasses through a 3-inch dual-exhaust with Flowmaster mufflers. This combination was good for mid-11-second timeslips in Vegas, and tied Randy for third place in the True Street Challenge.

'69 Dodge Dart
Hailing from Glendora, California, Rod McGregor has always been a Mopar enthusiast. When he decided to build this Dart as a father/son project, he envisioned a car that would be comfortable to drive on the street, but equally as fun to race at the Irwindale dragstrip on Thursday nights. Starting with the chassis, Rod and his son added frame connectors, new front-end bushings, and Caltrac bars to stiffen up their Dart. Late-model disc brakes were installed on the front, and the rear was mini-tubbed to accommodate the 28x13.5-inch Mickey Thompson rear street tires. To aid with weight transfer, the battery was moved to the trunk where a fuel cell was also installed. To keep the occupants safe, a custom rollbar was installed to fit with the back seat and speakers in place. An aftermarket shifter was installed to row the A-500 automatic transmission through the gears, and aftermarket front seats were installed, but otherwise the car's interior remains fairly stock.

When the first small-block Rod and his son built for this car had issues, it was pulled, and they decided to go all out. They purchased a restoration block from Mopar Performance and added an Eagle 4-inch stroke crankshaft, Eagle connecting rods, and SRP pistons for a compression ratio of 10.4:1. A Comp Cams .576-inch lift solid roller camshaft with some 240-degrees duration at .050 lift was utilized to actuate the valves in the Edelbrock Performer cylinder heads. An Edelbrock Victor intake and Holley double-pumper top this combination, and an MSD ignition lights the fires. Rod wanted to cruise the streets with more than just three gears, so an A-500 automatic/overdrive transmission was rebuilt, and a Hughes 3,500-rpm converter was installed. Out back, the factory 831/44 rear was filled with Richmond 4.30 gears, a Sure Grip, and Mark Williams axles. Having only run at an eighth-mile track prior to our event, Rod was as impressed as we were when he ran a solid high-10-second elapsed time in the quarter during our event in Las Vegas. This elapsed time, combined with a great looking, well-rounded street car, landed Rod in a tie for third place.