It may have started out a little rainy, but the LX and beyond Nationals went off without a hitch. By Saturday afternoon, the rain had passed, and racers and car show participants alike were enjoying the festivities with their LX-platform rides.

In case you've been under a rock lately, the LX cars (300, Charger, Magnum wagon, and Challenger) are Chrysler newest offerings of musclecars, and their proud owners were more than happy to show their cars' ability on and off the track. Everything from bone-stock daily drivers to full-blown show and race cars were in attendance, and it all made for one great gathering.

Say you were looking for the latest in high-performance accessories for your car. You could find it here at one of the various vendors. Say you wanted some dress-up pieces? Again, it was available. So if you are into the LX platform cars, be sure to check out the show next year because we think it'll be an even bigger hit.