Bob Hewitt
'70 Plymouth Sport Satellite


Bob Hewitt, a retired 71-year-old businessman, brought this '70 Sport Satellite out to Vegas with his crew. His crew consists of an assortment of highly intelligent automotive specialists: Buster Baglierri, Frank Wright, Earl Stewart, Bobby Lucareili, Dave Haringa, Dennis Peterson, David Purcell, and Bob Cannon. Together, they helped him on various parts of the restoration and at the track.

For the engine, Bob went with an all-aluminum Hemi from Indy. The 528ci engine features 10.5:1 compression Wiseco pistons, Eagle H-beam rods, and an Eagle stroker crankshaft. The aluminum cylinder heads were also sourced from Indy and received bowl porting and gasket matching. The camshaft comes from Comp Cams and is rated at .549/.532-inch lift and 305-degree duration. Fuel and air are provided by a pair of Holley 750 carburetors and a Stage V intake manifold.

The Sublime B-Body was fairly mellow on the streets, but the drag suspension wasn't the most welcoming. Bob put Buster Baglierri behind the wheel for the race portion of the challenge, where he performed consistently, knocking down mid-12s on street tires both passes.

Bob and his crew were very professional and even made team shirts to commemorate their experience at the '08 Mopars at the Strip event.