60-foot 2.181
330-foot 5.646
660-foot 7.056
1,000 10.600
1,320 12.508
MPH 117.91

Mike Sowders pulled up in his '68 Barracuda and blinded us with his bright gold paint, and once we hit the streets, we found what this car was made for: cruising. It's one of those cars you could stay in all day long and just drive. Mike explained a few of the trick features in the 'Cuda while we hopped in for a quick ride-along. The interior was plush with all the creature comforts you could hope for in such a nice car--ice-cold AC, a DVD player, and full audio upgrades.

Under the hood is a re-sleeved small-block that has been expanded to 406 cubic inches. A Hughes Engines stroker kit was installed with 4.02-inch pistons, steel rods, and a billet 4-inch stroke crankshaft. A Hughes hydraulic roller camshaft with .484-inch lift controls the valves while ported aluminum Edelbrock RPM heads sit on time. Hughes 1.5 roller rockers and Edelbrock springs make up the remaining valvetrain. Air and fuel are delivered through a Weiand intake manifold and a Proform carburetor with a 210hp shot of nitrous. The nitrous-injected 406 exhales through a pair of stepped 1 5/8-inch tti headers with a 2-inch X-pipe and Flowmaster Super 44 mufflers.

60-foot 2.053
330-foot 5.663
660-foot 8.711
MPH 80.01
1,000 11.283
1,320 13.386
MPH 108.02

Mike Johnston has owned this Road Runner for about four years, and in that time he took two and a half years to restore it to the condition you see now. The external appearance of the B-Body was one of our top scorers, and the same attention was reflected on the interior. The only gauges that were added were an oil and water temp gauge. Aside from this, it was showroom stock and restored with parts from YearOne.

While Mike's car was the least modified of the group, he was still posting up some respectable numbers with a best pass of 13.38 at 108.2 mph. This can be attributed to the massive 295/60-15 Hoosiers out back. Powering the Plymouth is a rebuilt 440 bored .030-inch over with all Mopar internals. A healthy .540-inch lift Comp cam actuates the valves in the aluminum Edelbrock heads. Sitting on top is a Six-Pack intake manifold with Holley carburetors. The exhaust is sent through 2-inch primary Hooker headers with 3-inch collectors. These channel the fumes through 2-inch Spintech mufflers. The driveline consists of a Hurst-shifted four-speed rebuilt by Lynch Road in Detroit and a Sure-Grip Dana 60 with 4.10 gears.