60-foot 1.697
330-foot 4.835
660-foot 7.486
MPH 92.68
1,000 9.775
1,320 11.712
MPH 116.23

As we fanned through this year's submissions, we stopped on this one for quite some time. Sil Brander's '59 Belvedere isn't something you see every day at Mopar events. What's more, this one is heavily modified. Sil went straight to overkill with a 538-cube monster that propels this classic into the 11s.

Inside the big-block are JE pistons, Eagle rods, and a 4.125-inch stroke Mopar crankshaft. Compression comes out to 11:1, and with the aluminum Mopar Stage VI cylinder heads pump gas driving is possible. The heads have been fully ported and polished. A massive-.750-inch lift roller Comp camshaft rounds off the engine and gives the Plymouth a mean idle. Air and fuel are channeled through a Mopar Max Wedge intake manifold and a large 950cfm Holley carburetor. Sitting behind the large engine is a TorqueFlite rebuilt by Quality Transmission in San Jacinto, California, with a Gear Vendors overdrive.

60-foot 1.645
330-foot 4.794
660-foot 7.480
MPH 91.31
1,000 9.808
1,320 11.790
MPH 113.01

When Steve Morrison and his wife were thinking about getting a muscle car, they chose the Charger for its looks, size, and because it wasn't another run-of-the-mill muscle car. Let's face it, who isn't sick of seeing Novas everywhere? Well, Steve began his buildup the first day he brought it home in the mid-'90s, and just "finished" it in 2007. The 540-inch big-block produces 622 hp and 671 lb/ft of torque, more than enough oomph. A lively Quasar Blue was chosen to set the car apart.

Indy Cylinder Head started with a Chrysler Mega block. Rotating inside are 4.380-inch Ross pistons, Crower rods, and a 4.50-inch Crower stroker crankshaft. The cam selected was a hydraulic roller designed by Indy with .546-inch lift. Aluminum Indy heads are bolted on top, supported by an Indy intake with provisions for fuel injectors and a throttle body. Fuel is delivered with an Accel DFI unit and a full tti system handles the exhaust. Backing the big-block is a TorqueFlite rebuilt by Hughes in Phoenix. Adjustable QA1 shocks allow Steve to make changes to the setup to accommodate changing track conditions and rewarded him with a best pass of 11.79 at 113 mph.

60-foot 1.877
330-foot 5.378
660-foot 8.332
MPH 83.06
1,000 10.873
1,320 13.007
MPH 106.00

Sergio Leoni drove past this 'Cuda in Wilmington, California, when he was working for a delivery company. It was just sitting in the driveway and never moved. One day he saw a man watering the lawn at the house so he pulled in to ask him if he was interested in selling the car. Sure enough, he was and after a little negotiating, Sergio took the car home. It was in excellent shape with very little damage, and was painted in a light blue. When he got around to restoring the car, he decided to go with a white-on-white color scheme because he felt it would stand out.

L&R Machine Shop in Santa Fe Springs, California, tore into the 440 and filled it with some of the best parts money can buy. The 10.7:1 compression pistons were sourced from Keith Black, the rods come from SCAT, and are fastened to a stock Chrysler crankshaft. Air finds its way into a Quick Fuel 850 carburetor, and the mixture is channeled through a Mopar M1 intake manifold into aluminum Hughes Stage II Edelbrock heads. An MSD ignition system ignites the charge, and it's forced out through Hooker Super Comp headers and into Flowmaster mufflers. The brain behind the operation is a massive Hughes .540-inch lift cam with 276/280-degrees of duration. With more time behind the wheel, Sergio will be flying in no time.