60-foot 1.664
330-foot 4.779
660-foot 7.428
MPH 92.58
1,000 9.726
1,320 11.688
MPH 114.30

Believe it or not, a man who needed to make room in his garage gave this car to Mike Jubinski. Mike felt he should build a killer car out of it, but once he saw that it was too nice to hack up for a full-on drag car, the direction of the project changed. He ended up building one outstanding street car to drive, show, and race.

It was sprayed down in Viper white by D-Man in Bakersfield, California, and a large Hemi scoop was added along with Glasstek fiberglass bumpers. Front Wilwood binders slow the A-Body, and the rear springs were moved inboard 3-inches with Competition Engineering shocks. Mike has no trouble fitting the mammoth 315/60R15 Mickey Thompson drag radials now. He rebuilt the engine himself and replaced the rotating assembly with SRP pistons, Eagle rods, and a stock crankshaft. The Crane camshaft was ground to .560/.540-inch lift and 248/258-degrees duration. A Weiand Six-Pack intake manifold with Holley carburetors is bolted to aluminum Edelbrock RPM heads. The exhaust is sent through Herb McCandless-sourced headers and then into Flowmaster series 44 mufflers. The combination was good for mid 11s with a best pass of 11.68 at 114 mph.

60-foot 2.056
330-foot 5.557
660-foot 8.325
MPH 88.01
1,000 10.658
1,320 12.571
MPH 118.14

Chuy Rayes found this Bee sitting behind a house and took it home for only $500. It wasn't in the condition you see it now, as it was a rusted out shell. His wife and friends thought he was crazy. With the assistance of his good friend, Enrique Sotelo, they built the car from the ground up.

The car was one of the smoothest in our competition with its shaved door handles and 18-inch wheels. We learned from last year's winner, Dave Mitton, to never judge a book by its cover. With forged internals from Diamond, a custom cam, and a Supercharger Store/ProCharger with water injection, the 440 punishes the rear tires with 510 horses. Chuy was more than happy to demonstrate the potential of his combination and sent the car into the mid 12s with enough mph to go 11s. Impressive, especially considering that this was done on massive 18-inch wheels.