Chris Janczy
Hazlet, NJ
'08 Torred Charger
Time: 12.18/115.89

Chris Janczy has owned his Charger since it was new, and from the beginning, the mods began. He started with an exhaust upgrade, and has done some serious work to it since then in order to run the reliable times it does. He started with a stock rotating assembly, and added a Frank Racing cam with .568/.570-inch lift and .215/.219-degrees of duration at .050. The heads are ported by Franks Racing, and have JBA Shorty headers attached to them. We know that the time Chris' car runs doesn't sound possible with limited mods, but the addition of a ZEX nitrous kit helps get it there. The stock transmission features a 3,000 stall converter by Edge, and like some of our other participants, Chris also uses aftermarket axles by the Driveshaft Shop.

Chris Dufresne
Waldorf, MD
'06 Magnum
Time: 10.22/137.62

Although Chris only hit the low 10's during the shootout, he tells us he has run a best of 9.85 at139 m.p.h. To run like that, Chris opened the engine to 392 inches using a 4.055 inch bore, a 3.79 inch stroke Scat crankshaft, and 6.20 inch Eagle rods. The pistons are Ross units that squeeze to a 9.0:1 compression. The camshaft is an HHP/BES special grind with .547/.570 inch lift and .224/.230 degrees duration at .050 inch. The heads and intake are stock, but have been ported and polished by Franks Racing. If you're going to make power, a supercharger will definitely do it, and Novi 1500, and homemade Nitrous set up definitely do. Finally, the exhaust exits though Kook's headers. Behind that, is a transmission built by Southern Hotrod of Kenner, Louisiana, and it features a 2,800 r.p.m. Pro Torque converter. Out back, Chris uses DSS 1,000 horsepower rated axles and a 3.08 gear set.

David Johnson
Bristol, CT
'05 Magnum
Time: 13.50/102.9

Having the most stock combination in our group, David had no problem mixing it up with the other competitors. Other than the addition of a homemade cold air kit, a Frank Racing camshaft, SRT 6.1 headers, and a Predator tune, David's car is just as good as it was 93,000 miles ago when it was new.