Earlier this year then Mopar Muscle Publisher Jim Foos talked with Editor Randy Bolig and the two decided that the magazine should fly the Mopar flag during the 2011 HOT ROD Magazine Power Tour. Randy sent out the word via the website and because of scheduling conflicts nominated Tech Editor Dave Young to lead the charge.

Our ever-resourceful tech editor had several choices for transportation. From an '09 Challenger to a '71 Road Runner or even a '69 Newport convertible. Great choices all, but for a long trip like the Power Tour Dave decided the best choice was his '78 Tradesman van. That's right. A '78 Tradesman. Plenty of room. Built-in wet bar, shag carpet, barefoot pedal, killer stereo and cool factor that can only be found in a '70s era van.

Publisher Jim Foos--who's moved on to different Source Interlink Media magazines decided to bring hos '97 Viper along as well. Jim's owned several cars over the years and recently acquired the Viper for its smile-inducing, and legendary, power.

Best thing about driving the van so far: watching people walk by $100k cars to photograph it." Says Dave.

Joining Dave and Jim on tour were some central Florida-based Mopar owners. Garret Struck from Bushnell, Florida, a recent Embry-Riddle graduate, decided to leave his '73 Duster drag car at home and ride along with Dave for the drive. Paul Emiro from Lutz, Florida drove his '69 Sport Satellite convertible. The former Mopar Muscle feature car sports a purpose=built small block that gets 21 mpg on the highway with the help of fuel injection.

Bringing his newly roadworthy '73 Coronet Crestwood station wagon, David Amann from Wesley Chapel, Florida, chose it over the other nine cars he owns because ... well he could. It moves by way of a 318 two-barrel and was fixed up with the help of some Charger parts as well as a another station wagon.

Matt Koops from Lakeland, Florida brought his '69 Charger "500" for the tour. It gets down the road via an 8-3/4 rear fed by a 440 and a 727. He bought it three weeks before the tour and completed a full fluid service and a few other items to make it ready.

The final member of the Mopar Muscle caravan is R.B. Dickson from Palm Harbor, Florida. He decided to put some miles on his 2008 Dodge Ram. Well, its not just a Ram. It just happens to be a Mr. Norm Super Truck powered by a 392 ci HEMI. With upgraded interior pieces and Mr. Norm badging it makes quite an impression. Being number number 1 of 100 and autographed by Mr. Norm is the icing on the cake for RB.