Fourth Place
Mid America Racing Engines

As a previous winner of the AMSOIL/Mopar Muscle Engine Challenge, engine builder David Bruns of Mid America Racing Engines is known for building powerful, reliable engines. This year he really sharpened his pencil, building the least expensive engine in the competition. The Mid America 450 cubic inch big-block made 622 horsepower at a leisurely 6,700 rpm for a rating of 1.38 horsepower per cubic inch. And while placing fourth overall, this engine does feature the most horsepower per dollar of the contest. Mid America Racing Engines owner David Bruns would like to thank employees Alex Ross, Scott Bruns, and wife Diane Bruns, as well as John Rosenbalm from PBM for making a last minute Saturday delivery during the build. We congratulate Mid America for their fourth place finish, and for being the most economically built engine in this year's contest.

The Parts
Block: factory 383 Cam: Cam Motion flat-tappet
Crank: factory forged 440 Rockers: PRW
Heads: 440 Source Stealth Intake: Edelbrock Super Victor
Rods: RPM I-beam Carburetor: Holley
Pistons: 440 Source forged The Cost: $4415.75
622 hp at 6,700 rpm and 549 lb/ft of torque at 4,600 rpm

Fifth Place
LaRoy Engines

LaRoy Engines is a past competitor in our annual dyno contest, and engine builder Jim LaRoy leaves nothing on the table when it comes to making power. This year at the Mopar Nationals Jim made his goal clear, to make the most power of the contest and do it using 906 cylinder heads ported in-house by his son, Cody LaRoy. Though a dyno error contributed to a problem as described in a previous issue, the LaRoy team pulled it together and met their goal, tuning a contest leading 730 horsepower and nearly 600 lb/ft of torque from their 500 cubic inch big-block. Jim LaRoy says he's happy to lead the contest in terms of raw power, and to show our readers what factory heads are capable of. Jim also thanks his sons Cody and Tay, as well as the countless other contributors to this effort. We congratulate LaRoy Engines on their fifth place finish, and are especially impressed with the numbers this big-block made using factory cast-iron cylinder heads.

The Parts
Block: factory 440 Cam: Erson solid roller
Crank: 440 Source 4.150 stroke Rockers: Harland Sharp
Heads: factory 906 castings Intake: Indy single-plane
Rods: 440 Source H-beam Carburetor: Barry Grant 1050 cfm Race Demon
Pistons: Ross forged The Cost: $6707.65
730 hp at 6,700 rpm, and 599 lb/ft og torque at 6,100 rpm

Sixth Place
Bill's Speed and Machine

Engine Builder Bill Hess has competed in prior Engine Challenges, and this year placed sixth as his 451 inch big-block made just over 623 horsepower running on Rockett Brand 93 octane unleaded gasoline. Keeping the build simple, Bill's Speed and Machine chose a 440 block and crankshaft, treating the engine to full machine work before topping it with 440-SR heads from Indy Cylinder Head. Bill says this is a real world engine that would perform well in a street car, with a custom cam making it a dependable combination. Engine builder Bill Hess would like to thank Speed Services and Speed Junkie Carbs, as well as his assistants Lynne Hess, Billy Hess, and Kyle Hess. We thank Bill's Speed and Machine for bringing a solid engine to our contest.

The Parts
Block: factory 440 Cam: Chet Herbert solid roller
Crank: factory forged 440 Rockers: Harland Sharp
Heads: Indy Cylinder Head 440-SR Intake: Indy single plane/td>
Rods: Precision Engine Products Carburetor: Holley three-barrel
Pistons: Ross forged The Cost: $6514.11
623 hp at 6,500 rpm, and 557 lb/ft of torque at 5,200 rpm.