This Facebook comment about Mike Waite's '69 Road Runner summed up the thoughts of several people: "Sounds low, better sell it.... How much u want 4 it"? -- Brian MacLennan
We're pretty sure it went back home with Mike.

Now, after checking out all of the entries and their results if you feel the need to argue that our winners might not have the most powerful car in America, then we challenge you to come and prove it next year. So if you plan to be the big dog next year, you better bring a St. Bernard because you'll have to pull more than 926hp to take home the trophy.

And it gets better. To make the 2013 Showdown even better we will be adding two more classes. If you want to join in the fun next year, your vehicle will fall into either our Power Adder and Non-Power Adder classes, or the newly added Outlaw and Diesel Classes. Keep an eye looking on the website, our Facebook page and on the printed pages of Mopar Muscle magazine for details coming soon.