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Mopar Event & Show Schedule

You got to show off your Mopar, don't you? Check out the listing of car shows all across North America. If your event isn't listed, email us at mopar.muscle@SORC.com
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A Basic Primer on Fitting Piston Rings
It's a well-known fact that piston ring gaps represent an area of pressure loss in a running engine. It has been found that minimizing end gap under operating conditions offers a measurable power... more
Are You Choosing The Right Cams?
We've all read the claims that adding a certain part or widget will add X-amount of horsepower to your engine, but are the claims actually true. Well, yes—and no.... more
Upgrading a Mopar Fuel System
Nowadays, we have an ample supply of aftermarket and restoration parts that at one time, we never imagined possible. Once in great while, a product comes along that's so simple and innovative, it's... more
Carburetor Dyno Testing - Flowing Results
Testing carburetors on an engine dyno can sometimes be misleading. We've all seen tests showing large-cfm carburetors making more power—even on a small engine that nobody in their right mind would... more
Hot Parts - August 2014
Check out these hot new parts!... more
1962 Dodge Dart - Tire-Shredding Tribute
When the 1962 Dart hit the scene, it was initially shunned by car buyers, thanks to a corporate screw-up that shrank the "standard-size" Plymouth and Dodge cars, one year after the 1962 designs were... more
1967 Dodge Dart - Western Outfitters
The turbulence of 1967 was seen by some as an awakening and by others as a curse.... more
1970 Rapid Transit Duster
Can you believe this was the precursor to the Plymouth Duster?... more
50th Anniversary Of The 426 Hemi
Historic. Legendary. Unbeatable. These—and many other descriptive words have been used to describe the 426 Hemi since its public introduction in 1964, but how did we get there?... more
1971 Dodge Challenger - N.A. Means Not Average
The code N96 probably won’t mean much to guys who are into 1965 Belvederes, Power Wagons, or late-model rides, but those three characters on a fender tag are important when looking at 1970 and 1971... more

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pertronix makes an all-in-one tool for all automotive electrical needs.
Are you making plug wires or wiring your car? You need this tool. ... more
New hand-held tuner for new Mopar vehicles
If you've got a new Dodge vehicle, Diablosport can help you get your tune on!... more
50th Anniversary hits Gainesville
Mopar unveiles a new paint Scheme on the 2014 Funny car of Matt HaganCourtesy Geoff Stunkard... more
Brought to you by The Brevard Alzheimer's Foundation
If you want a Coronet R/T, you can get one practically FREE!... more

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No drive on 727 t-flite transmission
I have a 1978 Chrysler cordoba and I changed the filter and adjusted the bands and dumped new fluid... more
ARB-Bearings.com is a Bearings Company in Delhi
Much of success as a bearing manufacturer is largely due to its passionate pursuit of quality of... more
No drive on 727 t-flite transmission
I have a 1978 Chrysler cordoba and I changed the filter and adjusted the bands and dumped new fluid... more
67 Dodge Dart GT Original Car 225/6
Been having problems with the wiper motor. Had it rebuilt. When tested after rebuild only 1 of the... more
69 fury III
Any help would be appreciated, I purchased a1969 FuryIII...a father son(s) project, it's all there... more
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