Of course, as a body man, Mike himself took the most pride in the paint. After the body was stripped down by Orlando, Florida's Blast Off, Inc., a deep sheen of Sikkens Flame Red paint covered the replaced panels (the car was originally R6), and The Paddock supplied a new white vinyl top to replace the original. With help from The Paddock and Tony's Auto Parts in Delaware, Mike was also able to detail the car with quality original and replacement trim items.

"I built this car as a driver, and it's fun to drive, with the new air conditioning and all," says Mike. "I wouldn't tackle another project like this one, but it draws a lot of attention on both the street and at shows. The Charger is my favorite Mopar, and I'm happy with how it turned out in the end."

In the past, Mike has owned Chevy Corvettes and Shelby Mustangs, and he spends his weekends racing in 8-second dragsters. However, when he talks about his favorite, the Charger comes to mind first. A perfect balance between the world of concours restoration and street practicality, we would have to agree that it is indeed the best of both worlds.