'80s Muscle

Who: Kevin Bollinger
What: '80 Dodge Mirada
Where: Lebanon, Pennsylvania

Kevin Bollinger tells us that his dad's first car was a '73 Charger. "I was brought home from the hospital in it, grew up riding around in it, learned to drive in it, and it was the lead car in my wedding. I always wanted a Mopar of my own and in 2010 I got my hands on this Mirada. I was only 22 years old, and over the next three years, my dad and I built it in his shop.

"We removed the Slant Six and replaced the entire drivetrain with a 360 Magnum with a four-barrel carburetor, an 833 four-speed, and an 8¾ with a Sure Grip and 3.91 gears. We also installed a set of Flowmaster 40s with exhaust cutouts, traction bars, and a Pistol-Grip shifter. I learned to drive a stick with this car, and it is a blast to drive around town and take to car shows. This car is very special, since I was able to build it alongside my dad, and I plan to keep driving it as long as I can. Perhaps my kids will get to learn to drive in it someday."

Runnin' Topless

Who: Greg Carriere
Where: Ann Arbor, Michigan
What: '70 Road Runner convertible

Greg Carriere was more than happy to send us some photos of his '70 Road Runner convertible. He tells us that even though there were only 429 built with a 383 and an automatic transmission, if you break it down even more, he owns one of the 112 that were built with factory air conditioning. It's Burnt Orange with a black interior. Greg says his future plans are to replace the 383 with a Gen II Hemi, but he has other stuff to do first, like add four-wheel disc brakes, a Gear Vendor unit, and a nice sound system.

Resurrected Ride

Who: Lanny Marshall
Where: Coquille, Oregon
What: '69 GTX

Lanny Marshall's current '69 GTX has been in the family since 1992. When he came home from serving in Vietnam in 1968, the first thing he did was go to the Plymouth dealer in Portland, Oregon, and order a '69 GTX. Like many, that car was eventually sold. Luckily, he was able to locate this car and build it into a close replica of his first GTX. The interior has Legendary door panels and reupholstered seats. The 440 is filled with a 4.15-inch Eagle stroker crankshaft and a .030-inch over-bore. Edelbrock heads, a Howard's roller cam, COMP rockers, and a 850 Quick Fuel carburetor on Holley Street Dominator finish off the engine. The car also has the original Hemi four-speed and 3.54-geared Dana 60 rear.

Lakeside Luxury

Who: Jim Maiani
Where: Houghton Lake, Michigan
What: '62 Chrysler 300 H

Jim Maiani is from Houghton Lake, Michigan, and he sent us some pics of his survivor '62 Chrysler 300 H. It's 1 of 435 hardtops made that year (123 convertibles). He knows that many might not consider it a muscle car, but it was fast for its day. Everything is original except for the tires, radiator cap, and battery. It has 126,140 actual miles on the 413 dual-quad engine that's never been out or apart. He's owned it for several years now, and drives it about 800 miles a year.

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