That is what Justin Mancino had in mind when he had the body shop paint his ’70 Dart Swinger Sub Lime. That choice of paint color, coupled with tires that greatly reduce the odds of survival for small wildlife, will instantly reveal that a lot more double-take stares have taken place since Justin completed the modifications of the one-time 29,000-mile Slant Six Swinger.

That transformation occurred over a six-year period in which Justin replaced the six with a stout ’70 360 which has been bored to 372 cubic inches and fitted with 9:1 cast pistons by Herb McCandless Engines. The ported cast iron heads feature 2.02-inch intake and 1.60-inch exhaust valves which are motivated by a Mopar Performance hydraulic camshaft with 284 degrees of duration and .484 inches of lift.

The air/fuel mixture is supplied by a Holley 750 cfm vacuum-secondary carburetor that sits atop a powder-coated Edelbrock RPM manifold. The fuel is brought to life by a Mopar Performance electronic distributor and directed through the 2½-inch tailpipes via Jet Hot coated Doug Thorley headers and Flowmaster three-chamber mufflers. Power is then transferred to the 8¾ rearend through a Fairbanks 727 transmission with a reverse manual valve body, which is given orders from a B&M Quarter Stick shifter. The rearend has been fitted with a 3.91 Richmond Gear ring and pinion set with Sure Grip. The housing is then suspended with fiberglass leaf springs, weighing in at only eight pounds each. The front and rear sub-frames are united using sub-frame connectors and the front suspension features tubular upper control arms and Mopar Performance torsion bars. To keep the suspension from experiencing any unwanted motion he used a set of KYB shocks front and back and ADDCO anti-sway bars—a 11/8-inch in the front and ¾-inch bar in the rear. The suspension’s purpose is to keep those Eagle VR tires, 225/55VR16 front and 255/50VR16 rear, firmly planted to the asphalt while providing a firm, yet comfortable, ride. To slow down those tires and the rest of the car, Justin has installed 11¼-inch disc brakes up front and 10x1¾ drum brakes in the rear.

One outstanding feature in the interior of Justin’s Swinger would have to be the Cerullo seats. Justin had them upholstered at the manufacturer’s plant in Pomona, California, using light and dark metallic green material. Making sure that the driver has all the information necessary, Justin has installed Mopar Performance gauges, an AutoMeter tachometer using a custom made bracket, and a Grant steering wheel for when he feels the need to “scuff the surface up a little” on the tires. Justin also plans to re-install the compressor and all the necessary hardware for the air conditioning to increase the comfort level on those warm days of summer.

Once your eyes get used to the retina-searing paint, you notice that there is a chin spoiler from an early Camaro underneath the grille and the fiberglass front and rear bumpers are painted the same color as the body. When Justin drives his Dart Swinger down the street, people will undoubtedly take notice. All that attention doesn’t intimidate Justin—that’s what happens when you’re sublime.