Because the Swinger was in such good condition, Cliff had to add only a touch of fresh sheet-metal to the quarter-panels. Yet, after stripping the body, a real challenge reared its head.

"Choosing the proper color for my Swinger was a tough choice," says Cliff. "I wanted a color that was popular for that era. There were several colors to choose from and two colors that I was partial to-Lime Green and Hemi Orange. Lime Green was chosen because I felt it would look better on this type of car."

Cliff tells us that installing the A/C system was the toughest part of the project, but definitely worth it.

"All the added comforts make my '70 Swinger a nice cruisin' car. Although I restored it to show, I drive it at least five times a week. I love driving it around town. There's nothing like driving a muscle car with a four-speed transmission."

We would add that this is especially true if your weeks aren't interrupted by such aggravations as, say, punching a time clock.