The GTS rolls on Michelin whitewall tires, but I dyed the whitewalls red to give them the look of redline tires. Steel wheels painted gray support the tires, and dog-dish hubcaps finish the look.

When the car came home from the paint shop, it was time to put the silver GTS back together. Kelly Tedlock started by installing the fresh 383 and the four-speed. After hooking up the engine, the car was taken to Fas-Lube Underbody in Kokomo, where the correct-style exhaust was bent and installed. After three years of hard work, a lot of money, and a lot of luck, it sounded good.

This has been a major challenge, but the rewards have been tenfold. It was nice being at the Nats for a second year, having people see the car, remembering it from the year before, telling me they've been looking for me. I've also had guys tell me they went home and searched for a GTS to restore after falling in love with ours.

The GTS has been a great car for us. I have no intentions of selling it. My wife and son both enjoy it as much as I do.